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Type ST personality results page (analyst)

You’re the type of person who likes things fast, concise and accurate: numbers, data, facts. And when it comes to using the web, you are a fan of objectivity, logic and structure. That's why everything the Internet offers in terms of instant messaging, useful and good quality information is exactly your cup of tea. Mornings kick off with the best available information via news tickers and weather apps, and your days end the exact same way.   

The text speak and informal tone of WhatApp and Facebook are great for you, helping you stay in touch with your loved ones quickly and simply, all day long. You could have invented the 140 character limit on Twitter. You just about manage to raise a weary smile when faced with over-exposition, mountains of emoticons and utterly pointless content like cat videos.

Hints and tips for technology, PC applications and practical household management are more likely to grab your attention, and you find test and comparison portals absolutely fascinating. Which family car has the largest boot and lowest fuel consumption? Which vacuum cleaner lasts the longest? Which PC offers the best value for money? Which building loan will actually get me into my own home?– And let’s be honest, you really, really like tips on how to save money. Don’t you?       

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