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  • Sweet Home – Smart Home

    With Swisscom Smart Home,
    your dream of the intelligent
    home easily becomes reality.

Smarten up your home with our Smart Home products. Easy connection with the Internet-Box and set-up at the press of a button. Use the Internet-Box app* to control Smart Home products at home and on the move with just one app. With Swisscom Smart Home you have the right gadget for all your needs:.


CONVENIENCE: Switch devices on and off easily – no matter where you are.

SECURITY: Keep constant watch on your home no matter where you are.

ENERGY: Find out how much electricity your appliances use and what it costs.

* Use only with Swisscom Internet-Box 2, Internet-Box standard and Internet-Box plus.

Keep up with the people you love

QBee Multi-Sensor Camera

  • Live camera images in razor-sharp HD quality
  • Automatic recording and notification in the event of movement (events are already recorded five seconds before the actual movement)
  • Display of temperature, humidity and brightness
  • Night vision mode
  • Up to 40 x 20 second recordings daily in case of movement, saved for up to 7 days

QBee Multi-Sensor Kamera

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myStrom Energy Control Switch

Switch appliances on and off and no matter where you are and meter electricity consumption.

  • Switch connected appliances on and off easily per Internet-Box app
  • Meter electricity consumption
  • Define automatic switching on/off times to save energy
  • Holiday mode to simulate presence
  • Connection per WLAN with the Internet-Box

myStrom Energy Control Switch

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myStrom Bulb

Geniessen Sie ihre persönliche Beleuchtung

  • Verschiedene Lichtfarben einstellbar und Dimmfunktion
  • Automatischer Ferienmodus für Präsenzsimulation
  • Bequemes Ein- und ausschalten per Internet-Box App
  • Individuelle Ein- und Ausschaltzeiten definieren
  • Anzeige des Energieverbrauchs

myStrom Bulb

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myStrom Smart Button

Control all products at the push of a button.