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Martin Vögeli

Portrait Egon Steinkasserer

Martin Vögeli

Head of Group Strategy & Board Services

Born 1969, Swiss citizen
Master of Science in Business and Economics



  • Since 2014         Head of Group Strategy & Board Services, Swisscom AG
  • 2007-2013         Secretary of Board of Directors, Swisscom Ltd
  • 2001–2006        Head of Risk Management & Internal Audit, Swisscom Ltd
  • 1998–2000        Head of Wholesale Regulatory, Swisscom Network Services & Wholesale
  • 1997–1998        Economist, Carrier Services, Telecom PTT / Swisscom Ltd
  • 1996–1997        Business development, PTT Berne


Other positions of responsibility

  • Since 2016/17  Member of the Board of Directors, Medgate AG and Medgate Technologies AG
  • Since 2017         Member of the Board of Directors, Medgate Integrated Care Holding AG


Martin Vögeli has headed Group Strategy & Board Services since 1 January 2014 and as such takes part in Group Executive Board meetings as a guest member.