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Vlad Trifa

Portrait Egon Steinkasserer

Vlad Trifa, PhD

Head of Digital Lab


Vlad is leading Swisscom's Digital Lab at EPFL, a competence center in entreprise digitalisation where customers can rapidly prototype end-to-end digital solutions and products using the latest technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, or artificial intelligence.
An acknowledged expert in the Internet of Things, he worked for the last decade as an author, entrepreneur, practitioner, and researcher in in this field. In 2011, he co-founded EVRYTHNG and was the company's first Chief Product Officer, overseeing the design and delivery of an award-winning IoT platform used by numerous customers such as Coca-Cola, DIAGEO, GE, Unilever, or LVMH.
Previously, he built distributed microphone arrays to help biologists study bird communication in the forests of Mexico and California while at UCLA; neural models for sensory-motor coordination of humanoid robots in Japan; adaptive factory lines and ERP applications at SAP; and smart city cloud platforms that collect and analyze massive amounts of real-time data in Cambridge and Singapore at MIT.
Vlad graduated with a PhD in distributed computing from ETH Zurich and a MsC in robotics and machine learning from EPFL.