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Scouting for new technologies

Our International Fund invests in state-of-the-art technologies that are of strategic importance to Swisscom from a technological, commercial, or operational point of view. Our aim is to strengthen relationships with innovative suppliers and technology partners. We typically invest at an early stage just before or simultaneously to Swisscom’s first contractual relationship with the start-up. We are particularly open to situations where Swisscom is a pioneer customer so that we can add value during the critical proof-of-concept phase, e.g. liaising between Swisscom’s internal customers and the start-up, using Swisscom references to support business development with other telecommunication providers or introducing new strategic investors. 

Investment strategy

Global focus, all stages

Our International Fund invests in innovative ICT companies at every stage of financing. Entry tickets are between $0.5 and $1 million and can be increased progressively to up to $5 million in subsequent rounds. We typically co-invest alongside large venture capital firms able to finance a market rollout on a global scale.

How we help



We offer access to our experts in technology, development, finance, production, administration and marketing.



We offer technical support, a comprehensive range of ICT services and access to our telecommunications infrastructure and testing labs.


Market access

We offer access to our sales channels, partner companies, investors and our local offices in Switzerland, Italy and Silicon Valley. We help coordination between the Swisscom business units and the start-ups.



We enable access to other telecommunication service providers who work with Swisscom around the globe. To nurture this network, we organise the Swisscom Corporate Venturing Summit every second year, bringing together the most important players in the industry.


Case study

MATRIXX - Real-time charging software

MATRIXX and Swisscom work jointly on innovative ways to expand and monetize mobile broadband services. Swisscom recently launched MATRIXX Charging into production as its strategic convergent charging platform for pre-paid and post-paid mobile customers as part of a transformation initiative to move all of its business to real-time. This required not only state-of-the-art networks and support systems but also an agile approach including streamlined processes and a single set of core systems that are real-time, dynamic, and highly scalable. The installation of a future-proof, real-time platform that could support the full scope of its planned customer services, including total LTE rollout, was successfully implemented by MATRIXX.


Founded: 2011
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


Network resource provisioning

6connect is the leader in network resource provisioning and automation. 6connect’s unique Dynamic Network ProVisioning (DNP) platform enables centralized provisioning of physical and virtual devices across distributed and mobile networks, cloud platforms, web-hosting platforms and data centers. DNP accelerates service delivery time and dramatically reduces network complexity and costs, while achieving industry change management and compliance requirements.

Founded: 2010
Sector: LPWA (Low Power Wide Area)-Networks
Location: Paris, France


Smart Grid and Internet of Things enabler

Actility is a leading provider of network solutions and managed information systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. It is an industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) large scale infrastructure thanks to ThingPark®, its next generation, standard-based IoT communication platform. A fully integrated platform for nationwide IoT, Actility's ThingPark™ is designed to enable IoT services for any market sector, offering ready-to-go IoT connectivity plus a full set of ready-to-sell applications.

Founded: 2003
Sector: Telecommunication software and services
Location: Redwood City, CA, USA


DSL network management systems

The ASSIA products and services enable DSL service providers to reduce operating costs while reliably achieving much higher DSL performance. ASSIA is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to broadband service providers worldwide. ASSIA solutions enable providers to grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband-enabled home.

Founded: 2005
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: Basingstoke, UK


Communications Intelligence Platform

Cognia’s Communications Intelligence Platform combines global reach with local delivery across 22 territories. It enables enterprises to turn communications into actionable intelligence – reducing risk while enhancing customer experience, business intelligence and growth. Through a single platform, Cognia delivers scalable and secure solutions that capture, control, analyse and ensure the compliance of voice and data communications on any device, through any channel, anywhere in the world.

Founded: 2011
Sector: Cloud Hosting
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland


Cloud hosting for SaaS companies and web applications

Exoscale is the leading Swiss cloud hosting platform, providing virtual machines with unparalleled
performance, a state-of-the-art object storage platform and additional infrastructure services.
Integrating the latest findings in resource optimization and high-availability, fault-tolerance, distributed systems, Exoscale provides robust cloud services at an affordable cost.

Founded: 2013
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: Stockholm, Sweden


WiFi Sharing Community

The Instabridge app acts as a “SIM-card for WiFi”, allowing users to seamlessly connect to WiFi spots that have been shared by other members of the Instabridge community, both individuals and businesses. Any user that has downloaded the Instabridge app can connect to a range of WiFi spots, therefore satisfying their need for free mobile-data while keeping their data costs low.

Founded: 2012
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

KUMU Networks

Self-Interference Cancellation

Kumu has developed a technology that cancels Self-Interference, the “unwanted” energy that leaks into a radio’s receiver while transmitting. As a result of the cancellation, the receiver hears no noise from its transmitter, freeing it to cleanly receive external signals. A radio using Kumu’s self-interference cancellation technology can transmit and receive at the same time on the same frequency.

Founded: 1990
Sector: Telecommunication software and services
Location: Mountain View, CA, USA


Real-time charging software

MATRIXX Software was created to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with solutions designed to manage the rapid growth in data services across communications networks. With MATRIXX, operators can capitalize on data growth and limited bandwidth to reposition themselves as the brand that offers subscribers the services and experience they crave.

Founded: 2002
Sector: RFID systems
Location: Espoo, Finland

Vilant Systems

Manufacturing and logistics software

Vilant Systems Oy was founded in 2002 in Finland with a vision to improve industrial process efficiency with RFID. Specializing in turnkey RFID information systems for manufacturing and logistics companies, Vilant is one of the few suppliers that is able to provide the entire RFID system package.


Founded: 2008
Sector: Cloud Computing
Location: Lochristi, Belgium


Unbreakable storage technology provider
Sold to Western Digital Corp

Amplidata redefined storage to solve big data challenges with AmpliStor, an object-based software-defined storage solution for enterprise, private cloud, and public cloud solutions across a variety of industries. With patented BitSpread and BitDynamics technologies, AmpliStor delivers unbreakable data durability at greater than 15 nines, infinite scalability from petabytes to exabytes, and extreme capacity and operational efficiency to significantly reduce CapEx and OpEx.

Founded: 2010
Sector: IT monitoring
Location: Mountain View, California, USA


High-performance cloud monitoring

Boundary's monitoring solution enables developers and operators to monitor their applications and servers in real time with maximum accuracy. Integration is incredibly simple and performance issues can be detected and eliminated faster, dramatically improving the availability and performance of modern virtualised cloud infrastructures. Along with Swisscom Ventures investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Scale Venture Partners, Adams Street Partners and Triangle Peak Partners.

Founded: 2000
Sector: Fibre-optic solutions
Location: Cork, Ireland


Photonic communication devices
Sold to ZJF Group

Firecomms is a compound semiconductor company that develops high-speed light sources in visible-range wavelengths. The company’s lasers and LEDs enable low-cost, high-speed optical data transmission and data capture using visible light – creating new opportunities for optical data communications in small area networks, like those used in car and home networks.

Founded: 2006
Sector: Online media
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


Video platform

Kyte is an online and mobile video platform for media and entertainment. The Kyte Platform combines the real-time, interactive and community-building capabilities of the social web with the analytics, control, and monetization features of professional video platforms, enabling companies to converge online and mobile audiences, build community, and monetize.

Founded: 2011
Sector: Cloud computing
Location: San Fransisco, CA, USA

Piston Cloud Computing Inc.

Commercial OpenStack software

Piston Cloud Computing Inc. launched the first commercial OpenStack software for building, scaling and managing a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud on bare-metal, converged commodity hardware. Piston OpenStack™ is a software product that uses advanced systems intelligence to orchestrate an entire private cloud environment using commodity hardware.

Founded: 2011
Sector: Software-defined networking
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA


Virtual network infrastructure

PLUMgrid is reinventing networking with its virtual network infrastructure – a software-based, virtual infrastructure parallel to the traditional physical network infrastructure of data centres. Virtual network infrastructure (VNI) is a new, emerging category of network infrastructure solutions that address the needs of enterprises and service providers building cloud data centres.

Founded: 2006
Sector: Wi-Fi networks
Location: Fremont, CA, USA

Quantenna Communications

Wireless semiconductors

Quantenna Communications, Inc. is a leading developer of semiconductor solutions for the next generation of ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networks. The first company to introduce a commercially available, standards-based 802.11ac and 802.11n 4x4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) chipset, Quantenna is focused on enabling a new wave of wireless multimedia entertainment solutions that require extremely predictable performance, rock-solid reliability, and easy service deployment in order to support whole-home, full HD video distribution and networking services over standard Wi-Fi networks.

Founded: 2008
Sector: Enterprise cloud platform
Location: Austin, TX, USA


Cloud management

ServiceMesh provides an enterprise cloud platform that combines cloud computing technology with real enterprise business value. ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform enables Global 2000 customers to govern and manage the lifecycle of cloud-based “everything-as-a-service” IT delivery models that encompass IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS across internal and external cloud providers.

Founded: 2009
Sector: IT infrastructure
Location: Westborough, MA, USA


Optimized IT infrastructure platform

SimpliVity’s OmniCube™ platform provides enterprise computing, storage services and network functionality, including WAN optimization, unified global management, seamless cloud integration, primary storage deduplication, backup deduplication, caching, and global scale-out – all at a fraction of the acquisition cost of standard infrastructure, a fraction of today’s traditional operating costs, and with a game-changing reduction in complexity.

Founded: 2003
Sector: Communication technology
Location: Paris, France

Sequans Communications

Wireless broadband solutions

Sequans Communications, SA develops and supplies subscriber station and base station chips for fixed and mobile WiMAX. The company also offers a solution with MAC and PHY functionality for equipment manufacturers, which enables various WiMAX network components, including femto, pico, micro, and multi-sector macro base stations to be built, as well as outdoor and indoor subscriber terminals, home gateways, and mobile devices.