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Swiss SME Fund

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Promoting Swiss technology companies

Small and medium-sized enterprises dominate the Swiss economy and have an exceptional track record for exporting quality goods. Our Swiss SME Fund is designed to support the most innovative of these Swiss SMEs.

Investment strategy

Focus on Switzerland, mid to late stage

Our Swiss SME Fund invests in the most innovative Swiss SMEs, with mid to late stage financing. In most cases, this fund co-invests together with Renaissance PME, a foundation financed by 40 Swiss pension funds and advised by Vinci Capital. This fund is only available to Swiss SMEs.

How we help



We offer access to our experts in operations, business development, finance, administration and marketing.



We offer technical support, a comprehensive range of ICT services and access to our telecommunications infrastructure.


Market access

We offer access to our sales channels, partner companies, investors and our local offices in Switzerland, Italy and Silicon Valley.



We offer access to other telecommunication service providers who work with Swisscom around the globe. To nurture this network, we organise the Swisscom Corporate Venturing Summit every second year, bringing together the most important players in the industry.


Case Study

Datamars high-performance RFID

Swisscom invested in 2007 in the Swiss company Datamars and sold its participation in 2013 to Columna Capital. Datamars is a leading global supplier of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology tags and readers, with applications for animal welfare, traceability and disease control for farming as well as inventory management and sorting for rental textiles. Datamars employs over 600 people worldwide with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.



Founded: 2000
Sector: Biotech
Location: Tuebingen, Germany

Immatics biotechnologies

Clinical stage biopharmaceuticals

immatics is an independent biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of new immunotherapeutic substances for cancer therapy. immatics has developed peptide-based active immunotherapy with unprecedented speed and efficiency, setting new standards for discovery and development in this area of oncology drug development.

Founded: 1999
Sector: Telemedicine
Location: Basel, Switzerland


Integrated outpatient healthcare

Medgate is one of Switzerland's leading suppliers of integrated outpatient healthcare. With 4,300 consultations daily, Medgate Telemedicine Center is Europe's largest physician-operated telemedical centre. Medgate also offers comprehensive outpatient medical services with its Medgate Health Centers and Medgate Partner Network. Thanks to the integrative cooperation, patients benefit from efficient high-quality care.

Founded: 1999
Sector: Photonics
Location: Morges, Switzerland


Distributed fibre-optic solutions

Omnisens was created in 1999 as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Omnisens produces instrumentation and systems based on optical metrology and photonics. A leader in long-distance fibre-optic sensing, Omnisens has pioneered effective real-time asset integrity monitoring solutions for critical oil and gas, power and civil engineering infrastructures.

Founded: 1973
Sector: Content management
Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Information governance solutions

RSD is the leading provider of information governance (IG) solutions for enterprise. RSD products help companies reduce operating costs and lower exposure risk through robust information governance programs that span multiple jurisdictions, with lifecycles lasting decades.

Founded: 2003
Sector: Medical microtechnology
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland


Microsystems for medical devices

Sensimed is a Swiss company with its principal focus on the design, development, and commercialization of integrated microsystems for medical devices. Sensimed is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), developed within a world-leading cluster for medical devices in the area of Lake Geneva.


Founded: 1988
Sector: Animal, livestock and textile identification
Location: Bedano, Switzerland


Radio frequency identification solutions

Datamars was founded in 1988 as a joint venture between the technology companies Datalogic and Audemars to develop, design and manufacture state-of-the-art RFID solutions. The company quickly established itself as a world leader in RFID solutions for the animal and textile identification markets.

Founded: 2004
Sector: Biotechnology
Location: Reinach, Switzerland


Synthetic biology platform
Sold to IPO SIX

Evolva was founded around a distinctive, proprietary, technology platform that uses synthetic biology to create innovative small molecule drugs and other compounds. In particular, their platform allows the creation of chemical entities that recreate the appealing characteristics of natural products, but without the disadvantages of those approaches.

Founded: 1987
Sector: Information technology and services
Location: Sonceboz, Switzerland


Integrated enterprise resource planning
Sold to management

The company independently designs, develops and distributes its business management integrated software, ProConcept Enterprise Resource Planning. In the course of 20 years it has built up a strong position on the ERP market in Switzerland with over 1,000 sites implemented.

Founded: 2006
Sector: Biotechnology
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland


Invasive heart valve replacement

Symetis is a Swiss-based, rapidly growing medical technology company that specialises in developing transcatheter aortic valve (TAVI) systems in close collaboration with treating physicians. Symetis uses intelligent-design features such as innovative self-seating and self-sealing valves, to ensure smooth procedures, reduce stress to physicians and improve outcomes for patients.