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Webinar du 13 novembre 2019, 11h00 – 11h45


    Beyond Technology – What does Microsoft 365 mean for my company?

    Our consultants will show you.

13 novembre 2019
11h00 – 11h45

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Important : Le webinar se tiendra en anglais.


With the advent of a myriad of cloud solutions and a new paradigm of high velocity change, choosing to move forward and upward with your business has never been more complex. This path also includes questions concerning security and data protection; both undeniably critical to the modern and successful business.


Microsoft (Office) 365 alone comes with an ever-growing array of features, tools and services that can save your business time and money as well as create windows for opportunities that were previously impossible to follow through. On the other hand, it could also totally submerge you.


The Swisscom consulting approach is a business centric methodology that identifies benefits and, through tools and guidance, helps you make the right decisions for your enterprise. This session focuses on highlighting the steps and processes in order to make the right and necessary decisions.



13 novembre 2019, 11h00 – 11h45

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  • Experte

    "Technology's goal is to be seamless, transparent and empowering"

    Adam Jones

    Senior Consultant

  • Moderator

    «We fully accompany our clients on their individual journey to the (Microsoft) Cloud.»

    Andreas Schmid

    Principal Product Manager

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