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Jacques Bähler

Head of Engineering & International Events

Jean-Luc Dumont

Senior Sales Manager

Projets nationaux

Franco Blumenthal

Head of Event Projects

Peter Zimmerli

Project Manager

Louis Iten

Project Manager

Antony Zysset

Project Manager

Markus Annen

ICT Network Engineer

Vanessa Gobert

Project Manager

Romain Pierrehumbert

Project Manager

Projets internationaux

Roger Fügli

Senior Project Manager

LED Live Advertising

Gabriele di Cerbo

LED Coordinator

Thomas Rosenfelder

Digital Media Producer

Roger von Wyl

LED Technician

Tobias Saurer

Head of Digital Media

Daniel Gamp

Senior Consultant

Joffrey Haring

Senior Consultant & Video Solutions Architect

Rico Petrillo

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Frank Schefter

Senior Consultant &
Specialist Sales

Jan Brune

Senior Project Manager

Viktor Müller

Project Manager

Olaf Cempel

Senior Project Manager & Consultant

Lauri Kurki

Senior Product & Alliance Manager

Thomas Barna

Senior Video Solution Developer

Stefania Bertolami

Sales Manager

Aleksandra Radic

Sales Assistant

Marc Blindenbacher

Head of Event Data

Gabriela Patil

Product Owner Event Data


Anna Fredholm

Customer Success Manager


Simon Gadient

Software Engineer

Marc Bischof

DevOps Engineer

Christian Fink

Senior Creative Consultant

Jürgen Lochbrunner

General Project Manager Events

Stefan Schneider

Head of Swisscom Asport

Damien Campino

Project Manager

Phillipp Tebbel

Project Manager

Fabian Häfliger

Project Manager

Florian Oswald

Software Developer

Eric Jeisy

Product Manager & Business Developer

Valentin Manthei

Software Developer

Sven Bethke

Chief Executive Officer

Rubén Solla

Chief Financial Officer

Finance & Administration

Vanessa Rimann

Financial Accountant & Controller

Marketing & Communications

Niklaus Baer

Head of Communications

Loris Bosco

Marketing Specialist