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Get AWS Cloud Services in your data center

AWS Outposts is a compute and storage solution designed to meet the needs of customers requiring low latency to on-premise systems, local computing or local data storage.
Philipp Kislig
Philipp Kislig, Product Manager
12 agosto 2020

The best of both worlds 

With Outposts, AWS positions the cloud even closer to you, yet with a direct connection to an AWS region.


What if your developers could use the same services and API’s they use for the cloud? And what if your IT could use the same tools to manage IT resources in the cloud and on-premise?


With AWS Outposts, you get everything from a single source and the best of both worlds at the same time.

  • Run AWS services locally
  • Store and process data on site
  • Truly consistent hybrid experience
  • Fully managed infrastructure

Expand AWS infrastructure, AWS services, API’s and tools in any data center, co-location area and local facility. Starting now you can build and run your applications on premise and in the cloud.


A truly unique hybrid experience.

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What specific use cases is AWS Outposts suitable for?

AWS Outposts meets low-latency application requirements and local computing needs in a variety of industries such as:

Examples of industries using AWS Cloud Service

Swisscom as a pioneer

AWS Outposts is secure, fast and always close at hand. You reduce costs, save resources and gain expertise by outsourcing the hosting of your infrastructure and the handling complexity of deployments. All you need for a successful deployment is power, a reliable network connection, and a competent partner to advise and guide you through the integration process.


In the role as pioneer, Swisscom was one of the first companies in Europe to integrate AWS Outposts and is currently gaining experience with various use cases.


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Swisscom has wide-ranging cloud transformation expertise and supports you from solution design to implementation and migration up to the operation of your cloud solutions.


We provide comprehensive support on your journey to a hybrid and secure infrastructure.

Interested in learning more about AWS Outposts and our cloud services portfolio?

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