Five signs that you need to show your IT more love

When it comes to your relationship with your IT, if one or more of these statements sounds familiar to you, then you can be sure: it’s time to show your IT more love.

1. Your IT isn’t interested in working from home

Are you able to access your business e-mails simply by logging in on your private phone? You don’t need any additional software to access your company’s network? Then it’s time to start worrying – or to start showing your IT more love. Because insufficiently secure connections make it easy for criminals to access your systems. VPN access to the company network and two-factor authentication are the bare minimum.

2. Strangers are sliding into your messages – and your IT doesn’t care

Companies need to send out inquiries, place orders and pay invoices. Communicating with external parties is essential for this. But how can you differentiate between authentic requests and skilled data thieves trying to make a pass at you? We address this question and more in our phishing guide.

3. You’re free to install whatever software you like

Freedom can strengthen relationships and establish trust. But be careful: the internet can be a scary place. There’s plenty of software out there that can be downloaded in a matter of seconds – and it’s just as quick and easy for malicious programs to end up on your company computer. If your IT department isn’t looking out for you, then you can be sure you’re having trust issues. When it comes to admin rights, the rule is: Trust is good, control is better.

4. You haven’t changed your password in years

Every relationship can get stuck in a rut. In the early stages, you’re constantly trying out new passwords. But over time, the stress of day-to-day life starts to wear you down and it’s easy to lose that spark. Nevertheless, it’s important to regularly change your passwords and have a few backups for every occasion. This builds intimacy and creates trust between you and your IT. And don’t forget: the wilder, the better!

5. Because you’re on cloud nine, you start to neglect backups

You and your IT have established a strong foundation of trust and everything seems great. However, it’s a mistake to assume that the cloud is automatically backing up all of your shared experiences, insights and information. Read more here about how you can prevent all signs of your shared working life from suddenly disappearing.