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Raffael Tschupp

Head of Broadcast Services
+41 58 221 15 45

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Radio Communications

Jürg Stäuble

Head of Radio Communications
+41 58 223 34 65

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Video Intelligence & Analytics

Daniel Gasser

Head of Secure and Intelligent Spaces
+41 58 221 52 98

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Data Driven

Anton Poschung

Head of Data Driven
+41 58 221 40 69

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Drones & Robots

Philipp Eder

Head of Drones & Robots
+41 58 223 34 80

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Digital Media & Event Consulting

Tobias Saurer

Head of Digital Media
+41 58 224 78 12

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Event ICT

Stefanie Possert & Helge Herrmann

Co-Head of Event ICT
+41 800 22 40 40

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