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Cybersecurity for your

The rapidly growing number of enterprise applications hosted both on premise and in the cloud present an increasing challenge both in terms of protecting your company’s infrastructure and employee access. With our edge-based solutions, you can improve the flexibility and security of your cloud services without compromising on performance.

Zero Trust networks and why you should opt for Cloud Security

Cloud Security seamlessly adapts to your infrastructure and stops attacks directly in the cloud. Our AI-based global system continually learns from millions of prevented attacks to keep improving. Zero Trust is a high-level strategy that assumes that individuals, devices and services that are attempting to access company resources, even those inside the network, cannot automatically be trusted.

What we offer

Fast and secure access 

Users can access the business applications they require any time and anywhere on any device, making high latency and packet losses a thing of the past.

Early threat detection 

The integrated threat protector identifies, blocks and mitigates threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing or data exfiltration before the damage occurs.

Cost-efficient solution 

Companies with complex network infrastructures benefit from a simple and cost-efficient solution for remote app access.

Your options

Drei Event Einladungen, Event Einladung versenden mit einer Event Management Software
Event Webseite mit Branding, Event Einladung versenden mit einer Event Management Software
Event Webseite mit Branding, Event Einladung versenden mit einer Event Management Software
Event Check-in, Event Einladung versenden mit einer Event Management Software

Web application firewall 

Employ robust web application firewall (WAF) technology to protect your public website, web application or mobile app from Internet threats, such as malicious file execution, SQL injection or cross-site scripting, without compromising application performance. Internet security threats are identified and blocked before they reach the data centre. 

DDoS protection 

Comprehensive cloud-based DDoS protection for applications, globally distributed data centres and network infrastructure. Ensure the continued availability of your digital services and protect them against even the largest, most sophisticated professional attacks.  

Highly available DNS

Move your DNS from your own infrastructure to globally distributed servers in the CDN cloud. In addition to improving global access times, your digital assets remain completely available because your DNS is now protected against DDoS attacks.

Bot management

Bot management offers a flexible selection of options for dealing with bots on publicly accessible portals, such as web shops, online banking and customer logins. It helps you increase security, gain more control over your website or web shop and reduce unwanted operations through active control. 

Optimum security. Always and everywhere.

Secure access

The Swisscom Secure Access solution provides employees with secure access to company applications at any time and from any location. It promotes the mobility of your employees without compromising security.

Evolving security threats  

Security threats are increasing and becoming ever more aggressive. The area of attack for companies is growing all the time. Traditional data centres can no longer keep up with modern DDoS attacks and threats.

Strong protection 

Swisscom Secure Access offers robust protection against security threats, including DDoS attacks. Its state-of-the-art technology protects your business from serious cyberattacks and provides a reliable security infrastructure.

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