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Fast load times despite high
content volume

Today’s website visitors have high expectations and little patience. Long load times therefore inevitably lead to low customer satisfaction. CDN-based media delivery solutions ensure that live video can reach a huge audience based on a highly scalable and stable distributed delivery platform. They also reduce load times and increase the performance of your web content.

Reliably faster and more secure

The use of a content delivery network (CDN) makes the transmission of large amounts of data and streams faster, more secure and more stable than conventional Internet connections. Swisscom Managed Services offers content delivery networks as a comprehensive service from a single source for international companies based in Switzerland. Swisscom works with the best providers worldwide and is a trusted partner for consulting, design, licensing, integration and support.

Advantages of a CDN solution
from Swisscom 


Long load times are toxic for your business. With a CDN, you can leverage edge computing to accelerate the performance of your web application near end users and reduce unnecessary access to your infrastructure and databases.


A CDN gives you a remote, real-time overview of all user and endpoint activity, allowing you to respond to critical events at lightning speed and comprehensively protect your business. With the CDN absorbing peak loads, you can easily plan and budget for IT infrastructure scaling as required.

Large data volumes 

With a CDN server platform, you can serve your customer base during peak periods without expanding your infrastructure.

What we offer

Increased performance  

Using a CDN to deliver websites and apps reduces load times, increases availability and keeps infrastructure costs down. Faster load times increase user dwell time and overall conversion rate by up to 20%.

Image optimisation 

Advanced features such as image optimisation reduce manual work and complexity.

Useful insights 

Large volumes of data enable continuous monitoring and optimisation. 

Individual solution 

With Swisscom Managed Services as a strategic partner, customers receive expert advice and custom solutions for cloud security, multi-CDN strategies and individually tailored concepts at attractive conditions.

Your benefits

Time is money 

Users are becoming ever more impatient and quickly abandon slow pages. Long load times are also detrimental to SEO. CDN solutions allow you to maximise performance without constantly optimising your pages. 

Captivating media experiences 

Most cloud infrastructure is not capable of delivering high-quality media globally. Users today expect crystal clear video streaming and close to zero waiting times. Swisscom’s CDN solution is the answer. 

Live communication 

Redundant, error-optimised routing ensures the interference-free transmission of live video to every corner of the globe.

Corporate video 

Video is a mega trend in corporate communications. Companies rely on powerful CDN services to deliver videos on different devices. 

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