Enterprise Content Delivery

eCDN solutions for your live streaming events

Live video places high demands on bandwidth. With eCDN solutions, you can eliminate up to 99% of traffic without sacrificing quality.

Efficient distribution of live video within your company’s network

Companies today are making increasing use of live video for internal communications. However, without a professional solution for distributing video content, the existing bandwidth of corporate networks is quickly pushed to its limits, compromising both transmission quality and network stability. Enterprise content delivery (eCDN) solutions help you absorb traffic and protect against bandwidth overload to ensure the highest video quality.

Why eCDN?

Uninterrupted streaming

With the help of professional eCDN solutions, you can offer your employees top-quality video streaming. 

Relieve the burden on your internal network 

Live video places high demands on bandwidth. With eCDN solutions, you can eliminate up to 99% of traffic.

Analytics &
silent testing 

Real-time analysis and monitoring of your streaming performance and the option of performing silent tests to simulate upcoming transmissions. 

Tailor-made eCDN solutions

The right solution for every network

We offer you the perfect solution to efficiently minimise the load on your company network, taking into account the distribution of company locations, your network architecture and IT policies.

Reporting completo

Indipendentemente dalla soluzione scelta, vi forniamo statistiche dettagliate su utilizzo, efficienza e visualizzazione della vostra rete.

Compatibilità con Microsoft 365 e Skype

La compatibilità con i prodotti Microsoft nell’ambito collaboration e streaming permette di sfruttare tutto il potenziale disponibile.

Implementazione semplice

La soluzione eCDN è semplice da implementare, si sovrappone all’infrastruttura di rete esistente e non richiede costosi upgrade della rete.

eCDN solutions

Local caching servers

Local caching servers at individual company locations based on dedicated hardware or virtual machines significantly reduce the network load for live video streaming.

Peer-enabled delivery (P2P) 

Peering-based software solutions intelligently distribute the live video stream over existing infrastructure (employee end devices), reducing the load on the company’s own network.

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