Swisscom Streaming Studio Zurich

360-degree service for your streaming production

Take advantage of our live streaming studio. Whether it’s a virtual town hall meeting, a marketing webinar or an investor conference, we can produce your online event in optimum quality from our fully equipped streaming studio. 

Save money without stinting on quality

Setting up and maintaining your own studio is both time consuming and costly. Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art streaming studio in Zurich gives you studio-quality production without excessive cost. Whether you’re a large enterprise or an SME, you can take your corporate communications to the next level.

What we offer


With up to five professional cameras as well as experienced camerapersons, we offer a diverse array of options and angles to present you in the perfect light.

Professional audio technology 

We guarantee the best audio quality with individual microphones for each guest speaker. We can, if required, also bring in remote interpreters for multilingual productions. 

Image processing included 

With professional image processing on site, we combine all channels into an attractive live video stream in your individual corporate design. 

Key options at a glance

Individualisierung vom Videoplayer

Space for up to five guest speakers 

Whether webinar or panel discussion, seated or standing - up to five people can discuss with each other or speak to the audience in our studio.

Remote guest speakers 

In addition to on-site speakers, we can also incorporate remote guest speakers from all over the world within the live stream. 

Preparation area 

In addition to the studio itself, there is a green room and make-up room as well as a meeting room where you can prepare for your performance. 

Live streaming

We are happy to stream on your preferred platform and include a Q&A or chat. 

Use cases

Marketing webinars

Virtual conferences

Talk formats

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