Public Viewing Packages

Guaranteed atmosphere thanks
to Swisscom Broadcast

A Public Viewing Package from Swisscom Broadcast promises unforgettable moments for you and your audience. First-class technology at your event that connects and inspires. Turn your event into a highlight.


Turn your guests into fans

As a host, you want to offer your customers the best all-round experience. After all, satisfied guests will want to come back. So you won’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the live broadcast of major sporting events. You can rely on the quality of Swisscom Broadcast for the best possible experience. And you’re guaranteed to score more points with your guests.

Your benefits

Best availability

Enjoy the benefits of our public viewing packages anywhere in Switzerland – on the best network in Switzerland. Tailored to your event with no minimum contract period and installed by event professionals.

The best viewing experience

Create unique football moments with over 250 channels, including over 100 in HD and interactive match information from HBB TV.

The best all-round package

No need to worry about regulatory hurdles. Our products are approved for public broadcasts*.

  TV Pack One TV Pack Multi
Bundle 1 TV ready to go
(incl. required connectivity and installation**)
2 TVs ready to go
(incl. required connectivity and installation**)
Additional options + 15.- per additional TV***
Price CHF 1,000.– CHF 1,156.– CHF 1,200.– CHF 1,360.–

Benefit from the early booking discount now

Swisscom Broadcast is just as passionate about football as you are. We want to ramp up the football fever with the best TV experience in Switzerland. That’s why you can get the TV Pack One for just CHF 1,000 and the TV Pack Multi for just CHF 1,200 if you order by 30 April 2024.

*The Serafe licence is the responsibility of the customer. If the screen has an aspect ratio above 3m, an additional licence must be purchased from SUISA.

**Availability depends on the technical conditions on site. The price includes standard installation by Swisscom technicians. Additional costs will be charged for complex installations over long distances. The in-house cabling (from the TV-Box to the screens) must be provided by the customer. Please note the requirements for HDMI cables, depending on the application (HDCP 1.4 or higher).

*** The maximum number of TVs available depends on the technical conditions on site. Depending on the situation, installation may require several lines to be connected or a special in-house distribution via multi-display.

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