AI-House Davos
By Cornelia Fauver

In Davos, the highest town in Europe, Swisscom Broadcast plays an important role. As a specialist in information and communication technology, it not only supports the municipality during international conferences, but also facilitates its IT infrastructure all year round.

Swisscom Broadcast is very much involved in the permanent IT infrastructure of the municipality of Davos. In the congress centre, the ice rink and the indoor swimming pool, Swisscom Broadcast ensures that the IT systems are always up to date and operating efficiently. This long-term responsibility demonstrates the company’s deep roots in the region and its continuing commitment to the area.

«AI will not disappear. It will change everything.»

Laure Willemin, Excecutive Vice President of Data & Analytics AI

Facilitating world-class conferences

The temporary ICT infrastructure is of central importance for large conferences. This is where Swisscom Broadcast shows its true strength: providing and supporting a complex and high-performance ICT infrastructure that ensures the smooth running of prominent events. In a world where connectivity and data transmission are crucial, Swisscom Broadcast ensures that everything runs like clockwork.

A window into the future

A prime example of Swisscom Broadcast’s work is AI House, an additional location outside the main congress centre. As one of the initiators, Swisscom plays a key role in this innovative forum. Experts meet here to discuss the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence in various areas of society, from health and education to security, sustainability and art.

Swisscom Broadcast’s work in Davos provides a shining example of technological excellence and reliable ICT services. Working mostly behind the scenes, it helps to ensure the stability of the local infrastructure and the success of major international events.