Flexible radio solutions for efficient operations

When mobility and security are integral to your operations, radio is the perfect means of communication. The private radio solutions from Swisscom Broadcast are network-independent, reliable and easy to use. We plan, build and operate state-of-the-art radio infrastructures based on TETRA, DMR, LTE and analogue radio technology. As a system partner of Hytera, we offer you the very latest premium technologies.

Utility companies

Private radio allows operating personnel to communicate with one another reliably at all times – even in the event of a power failure. Extra functions, such as lone-worker, GPS or man-down features provide additional peace of mind for people working alone in tunnels or dams. Data transmission can be used to monitor and control entire systems (process control or telemetry).

Skiing areas & mountain cableways

Seamless radio coverage is the basis for efficient operations and emergency communication in the mountains. Employees of mountain cableways and in skiing areas are exposed to all kinds of weather and need communication equipment that is resistant to rain, snow, wind and cold. Besides fully autonomous radio solutions for extreme situations, Swisscom Broadcast also offers heavy duty communication equipment that is easy to use and works reliably.

Public and works fire services

Reliable straightforward communication is vital to the operations team whether for fire-fighting, coping with floods or traffic reporting. Swisscom Broadcast offers tailored solutions for optimum communication between the deployment site and operations centre. Our radio equipment is resilient and withstands extreme conditions involving major fluctuations in temperature and high levels of humidity.

Security firms

Security firms rely on dependable autonomous communication networks to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Swisscom Broadcast offers upgradable private radio solutions with specific additional functions for all kinds of deployments.

Aircraft radio

Aircraft radio enables communication between aeroplanes or helicopters and ground control. It therefore also ensures integrated operational control. Rega is one of our long-standing customers.

Industrial business

Two-way radio is the perfect medium for industrial concerns. An independent digital private radio network ensures efficient communication between operational staff – even in an emergency. Explosion-proof ATEX equipment with alarm functionality offers additional safety for hazardous environments.

Public authorities & institutions

The army, federal offices, universities and administrations interact with many different stakeholders across a wide area. Swisscom Broadcast provides customised private radio solutions for optimum organisation and reliable blanket communication coverage. Our advanced technologies are distinguished by high quality and specific additional functions.

Temporary networks for events

Temporary radio solutions support the successful staging of professional events of all sizes. We provide the infrastructure and high quality radio equipment, and ensure radio coverage in buildings and over open areas.

Partnership with Hytera

Swisscom Broadcast is a system partner of Hytera, the international manufacturer of mobile radio systems. We are therefore an important system integrator for the entire Hytera portfolio in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Hytera develops radio systems to the highest standards. The partnership gives us direct access to the latest technologies on the market. Alongside DMR and TETRA systems, we can also implement innovative broadband solutions as part of the partnership.

Radio communication is highly versatile with a wide range of flexible uses. The private radio solutions from Swisscom Broadcast can be expanded with applications, walkie talkies and radio infrastructures, as required. We offer you a bespoke service: from consulting and integration through to secure operation.


Your expert

Jürg Stäuble

Head of Radio Communications