Media Delivery

Engaging Media Experiences​

Delivering best-in-class digital media globally is hard​

Most cloud infrastucture is not capable of deliverying high quality media globally in a performant way although today's users expect crystal clear video streaming and close to zero waiting times. This dilemma leads to every increasing infrastucture requirements and high traffic costs​.

CDN based media delivery solutions ensure that live videos can reach a massive audience based on a highly scalable and stable distributed delivery platform.​

Benefits of media delivery solutions​

Delivery of large amounts of data​

By using the CDN server platform, you can respond to increased demand at any time and serve your customer base in peak times without expanding your own infrastructure in the best quality.​

Live communication​

No live video transmission can do without CDN. Redundant and error-optimized routing ensures interference-free transmission of live video to every corner of the world.

Video in and from the company​

Video is currently the megatrend in communication. In order to meet the growing needs for the delivery of video to a variety of devices, companies rely on powerful CDN services.

Our partners

The world's largest and most important providers of CDN and cloud security are long-standing partners of Swisscom. Our specialists work closely together with Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly. They are responsible for 40 percent of the worldwide online traffic. They offer the best global networks for fast, reliable and scalable cloud and edge-networks.

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