Secure Access

Simplify Remote Applications

Securing remote application access for employees is challenging​

Securing employee access for a mobile and global workforce is a challenge considering the rapidly growing number of enterprise applications both hosted on-premise and in the cloud. Traditional VPNs are complex to manage and expensive to scale and increase the risk of unauthorized access to data across the corporate network. A unified cloud-based application access solution can help to close security loopholes and at the same time simplify the user experience for remote access.​​

Use cases for Secure Access Solutions​

Fast & secure access​

Mobile users can access the desired business applications at any time from anywhere and with any device, avoiding high latency and packet losses.​

Reduce complexity​

Companies with complex network infrastructures are interested in simple and cost-efficient solutions to make applications accessible to users. ​

Simplify company mergers​

When merging companies, the parties involved need quick and easy implementable solutions to give their users or employees access to the systems or applications of the other company. ​

Early threat detection​

Integrated threat protection identifies, blocks and mitigates threats on user level such as malware, ransomware, phishing or data exfiltration before the damage happens.​

Simple User Management Portal​

Easily enable access to applications on different clouds or on-premises in minutes. No additional hardware or software is required.​

Our partners

The world's largest and most important providers of CDN and cloud security are long-standing partners of Swisscom. Our specialists work closely together with Akamai, Cloudflare and Fastly. They are responsible for 40 percent of the worldwide online traffic. They offer the best global networks for fast, reliable and scalable cloud and edge-networks.

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