Professional eCDN solutions for live streaming your events

Top-quality live video

Professional eCDN solutions allow you to offer your employees the highest quality video streams.

Reduce the burden on your internal network

Live video places high demands on bandwidth. With eCDN, you can outsource up to 99% of traffic.

Secure transmission of your video streams

eCDN offers the highest level of security when transmitting sensitive information for internal communication.

Efficient distribution of live videos within your corporate network

To ensure that employees around the world are regularly supplied with relevant information, companies are increasingly relying on internal communication using live video streams. But without a professional content delivery solution, the bandwidth of most corporate networks is quickly pushed to its limits. This endangers the quality of the transmission and threatens the stability of third-party applications on the same network. This is where eCDN solutions can help, as they absorb most of the traffic to provide optimum quality while freeing up your network, all without compromising security.

Customised eCDN solutions

We can help you overcome weak spots in your infrastructure for live video.

Customised eCDN solutions

The right solution for every network

We factor in your location distribution, network architecture and IT policies to tailor a solution – local caching servers, P2P software – that efficiently reduces the burden on your corporate network.​

Comprehensive reporting

No matter which solution you choose, we provide you with detailed statistics on usage of your live videos, the efficiency of your chosen eCDN solution, and visualisation of your network including any vulnerabilities.​

Compatible with Microsoft Teams,
Skype and Microsoft 365

Our solutions are compatible with the Microsoft product suite for collaboration and streaming so you can realise the true potential of these solutions within​ your company without being constrained by the limits of your own infrastructure.

Enterprise content delivery solutions​

Local caching servers

Local caching servers in each of your company locations using dedicated hardware or virtual machines significantly reduce network load during live video streaming.

Local caching servers

Peer-enabled delivery (P2P)

P2P-based software solutions use the existing infrastructure in the form of your employees’ devices for intelligent distribution of live video streams to reduce the load on the company’s network.

Peer-enabled delivery (P2P)

Our solutions in detail

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Peering solution

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