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Closed out the 2018 season by presenting the Zurich Chamber Orchestra’s Vivaldi Reloaded. This multimedia crossover project was the second successful stage project organised by the orchestra together with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions.


The multi-layered interpretation of Max Richter’s re-composition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was designed to provide a younger, curious audience with a compelling entry point to classical music. As the orchestra played they were accompanied on stage by dancers. The orchestra and dancers performed between projections on two spatial levels.

This was restaged in September of that year with the orchestra l’arte del mondo at the Digital Festival in Zurich – as a continuation of the Digital Symphony from 2017.

Our Director Christian Fink was responsible for the artistic management of this unusual project as well as the staging, direction and overall concept; he developed, conceived and directed the graphic and film content as well as the choreography of the four classical and two hip-hop dancers, and crafted an impressive overall experience from these varied interpretations of the music.

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