Broadcasting transmitter sites – available throughout Switzerland

Swisscom Broadcast operates Switzerland's only nationwide broadcasting network. We can provide the right Infrastructure for you.

Interactive site map

The interactive site map shows you where the Swisscom Broadcast transmitter sites are located. You can also see where you require accompanied admittance or where access for authorised persons is possible autonomously via TRACcess.

Transmitter sites that are not listed on the map do not fall within the responsibility of Swisscom Broadcast.

Accompanied admittance

Due to their classification, some Swisscom Broadcast transmitter sites require accompanied admittance (costs apply). If your specialists require accompanied access to our transmitter facilities and sites, please complete the application form below. Our Operation Control Centre will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Autonomous access via TRACcess

With TRACcess, authorised persons receive the rights for autonomous access to Swisscom Broadcast transmission sites. Most of Swisscom Broadcast's broadcasting sites can be accessed via TRACcess.

Safos AG hotline

Tel: 0848 11 88 11

Complete the following application form in full and read and sign the security documents. The processing time for adding a new TRACcess access profile is usually just 1-2 working days. 

You can find step-by-step instructions here on how to use TRACcess on-site. 

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Services are invoiced directly by Safos AG. 
The costs are as follows: 

  • Initial activation incl. licence for first calendar year (invoicing pro rata) Total CHF 132.80*.
  • Annual licence costs: CHF 128.–* per calendar year

* Prices as per Safos price list 18.03.2022