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Flood Warning 

Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme precipitation. Such events are unpredictable and result in rapidly rising waters and flooding. A system that is able to provide up to 90 minutes’ advance warning helps to prevent damage. 

Heavy precipitation warning

Extreme weather conditions are increasing. Combating this with structural measures has only limited effectiveness. The authorities are facing increasing demands to swiftly take the right measures following a heavy rainfall event to protect the public and critical infrastructures. 

We have joined forces with experienced hydrology and technology partner SPEKTER to provide the digital service “Flood Warning due to Heavy Precipitation”. The system detects imminent flooding in real time and immediately alerts the competent authorities via app, SMS, e-mail or voice call, giving them valuable time to mobilise the emergency services and warn the public. 

Precautions can be taken in good time to protect lives and critical infrastructures, significantly reducing the amount of damage caused.

Behörden machen Risikoanalyse und ergreifen Schutzmassnahmen

Flood Warning as a Service

Heavy rainfall detection

Combination of MeteoSwiss with local precipitation and water level sensors.

Monitoring tool   

The authorities are given access to a graphical user interface (map showing the real-time status of the sensors) 

Overflow forecast  

Modern algorithms and rules are used to evaluate precipitation and water level data.


The authorities receive warnings and alarms in three alert levels.

Extended warning   

Alerts can be integrated into cantonal operations centres and activated for citizens. 


  • The solution offers the greatest potential in the upper courses of larger bodies of water.

  • It is suitable for small drainage basins of 25 km². 

  • Perfectly complements existing monitoring and warning systems for larger rivers.  

Operation with maintenance and fault repair  

The service is operated on Swisscom networks and on infrastructure belonging to Swisscom Broadcast. Faults in sensors can be repaired by the municipalities and cantons themselves or Swisscom Broadcast can be commissioned to repair them. 

Do you want early warning of flooding?


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