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Carrier Line Service

Dedicated leased lines for mission-critical data applications

Carrier Line Service (CLS) is our managed Layer 1 service for dedicated and high quality point-to-point data transmissions, supporting scalable high-capacity bandwidths up to 100 Gbit/s and reliable connectivity based on our Swisscom Optical Network for All-IP Transport Services (SONATE).

CLS is available with Basic and Premium Service Level Agreements (SLAs), whereby the Premium SLA offers two options, depending on guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability and time-to-repair.


CLS Basic

The Basic service quality provides fast, safe and stable data transmissions and a high level of line availability with typical annual end-to-end service availability of 99.90%.


CLS Premium

With CLS Premium, telecom service providers benefit from a guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability from 99.95% to 99.99%, depending on the chosen SLA (Premium Silver or Premium Platinum).  Proactive service monitoring, round the clock troubleshooting are guaranteed with all Premium services. In addition, Premium Platinum SLA provides a highly-redundant dual-homed end-to-end connectivity with no single point of failure.


CLS Benefits
  • Dedicated point-to-point data transmission for mission-critical applications requiring the highest performance with minimum latency throughout Switzerland
  • Full transparency for end-to-end control of data transmission
  • Highest capacity bandwidth up to 100 Gbit/s
  • Best geographical coverage for all services in Switzerland
CLS Service Manuals

These documents contain all key information on CLS.

Product-independent contract elements
  • Access Terms and Conditions
  • Billing Handbook
  • Definitions and Abbreviations Handbook


Further information on operation, billing, prices, etc. are provided in separate handbooks, which can be obtained from Swisscom Wholesale if required.