Carrier Line Service

The Carrier Line Service (CLS) is our managed Layer 1 data service for dedicated, high-quality point-to-point data transmissions that supports scalable high-performance bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s.

Your benefits

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Full transparency for end-to-end control of data transmission.

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Best geographical coverage for all services in Switzerland.

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Dedicated point-to-point data transmission for mission-critical applications requiring the highest performance with minimum latency throughout Switzerland.

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100% transparent Layer 1 connections on all data transmission types.

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Highest capacity bandwidth up to 100 Gbit/s.



Further information


Further information on operation, billing, prices, etc. is presented in separate handbooks, which we are happy to provide you with as required.



CLS Basic


Fast, safe and stable data transmissions


High level of line availability with typical annual end-to-end service availability of 99.90%








CLS Premium




Proactive service monitoring


Round the clock troubleshooting


Guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability from 99.95% (Premium Silver) to 99.99% (Premium Platinum)


Highly-redundant dual-homed end-to-end connectivity with no single point of failure (Premium Platinum)

Contract documents

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