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Internet Guard

Swisscom’s Internet Guard warns you about dangerous websites – free of charge. This protection is always active when surfing via your Swisscom Internet connection from home, work or the mobile network.

Internet Guard

Internet Guard blocks websites attempting to gain fraudulent access to your online accounts, cause you financial loss or misuse your data by assuming a false identity.

Internet Guard also blocks websites that spread malware (viruses, Trojans, worms etc.). Viruses make changes to the operating system or other programs. Trojans transmit data, such as keystrokes for example, without the user’s knowledge.

  • Works on all devices
  • Automatically activated – no installation required
  • Exclusively and free of charge from Swisscom

How do I check whether Internet Guard is active?

Swisscom has specially created a website(opens in new tab) on which you can check whether Internet Guard is active. To run the test, you need to use a network protected by Internet Guard. Make sure that you access the Internet via your Swisscom Internet connection at home or use the Internet at your workplace. Internet Guard will warn you if you perform the test in the Swisscom network, otherwise an info page is displayed.

How do I report a safe or dangerous website?

If you are warned about a website that you believe to be safe, please use the following link to let us know. 

> Report website now(opens in new tab)

Conversely, if you wish to report a website that you believe to be fraudulent (e.g. phishing or scams), a website containing malware (viruses, Trojans etc.) or a website that exploits device vulnerabilities, please e-mail us directly at

In which cases does Internet Guard not issue a warning?

In the following cases, Internet Guard may not warn you of a dangerous website.

  • You are not surfing on the Swisscom network.
  • You have knowingly or unknowingly configured your device or home network router with a DNS (domain name server) different to Swisscom.
  • Internet Guard is not yet aware of a new dangerous website.

In this video (German language), trainer Marcel provides a detailed explanation of how Internet Guard works.

Total protection for all devices: for complete protection, we recommend using an anti-virus program such as Internet Security.

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