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Protection for you, your data and your devices

  • Protection against viruses, hackers, malware
  • Password manager, parental control
  • Personal technical support

Our security and service offers

Protection and support for you, your personal data and your devices: Flexible security and service options for our mobile and Internet subscriptions keep you safe in the digital world.

Identity Security
  • Protects you from data theft through cyber crime
  • Password manager

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for 1 month, then 4.90

Internet Security
  • Protects devices from viruses, hackers and spyware
  • Warnings about suspicious apps

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for 1 month, then 6.90

F‑Secure: best product

Best protection and usability

Connect test winner

Service apps from network operators

Frequently asked questions

  • All our combined blue Security & Services S, M and L packages include Internet Security (antivirus protection) and Identity Security (identity protection).
  • You can also order Internet Security and Identity Security separately, but we recommend our combined packages for more comprehensive protection.
  • Subscription to the service(s) requires a landline or mobile phone subscription with Swisscom and activated access to the Swisscom Customer Centre.
  • System requirements for using and downloading the software (My Security app): Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Version 21H2 or higher), Windows 11/macOS 11 (Big Sur) or higher/iPhone iOS 15 or higher/Android 8.0 or higher/ARM-based tablets are not supported.
  • Our blue Security & Service is billed monthly on the Swisscom invoice.
  • The services can be cancelled by either party with a notice period of 2 months to the end of each month. It is only possible to cancel one of the two services in the blue Security & Service S combined package.

Internet Security & Identity Security offer conditions(opens in new tab)

For secure protection, you must install the My Security app on your devices and adjust the necessary settings. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail with the link to download the app.

Installing and using the Security app

  • You will receive an e-mail with a link after entering the e-mail address. Click the confirmation link to activate the protection.
  • Download the app on your mobile device or as a desktop version via My Swisscom.
  • You can enter up to 10 e-mail addresses, credit card numbers and additional sensitive data at a time; these are monitored around the clock (via web monitoring by F-Secure).
  • Your digital identity and thus your sensitive data are immediately protected and monitored after the app is installed and the data stored. You will receive a notification by e-mail immediately in the event of misuse.

Privacy policy

  • The encryption and decryption of the data stored in the app takes place exclusively on your own device.
  • Swisscom cannot identify or recover your data if you no longer have the master password or recovery key (generated from the app).

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Yes, you can switch between the combined packages at any time. Since blue Security & Service S is included in all of the combined packages, this does not affect the installed app. Protection is still guaranteed.


If you want to cancel the package and all the products included in it, just click the cancellation link in My Swisscom under My Security and follow the steps shown. If blue Security & Service S, M or L and thus Identity Security is cancelled, it will no longer be possible to access the stored passwords; you will need to export these in advance or save them differently. The protection lapses immediately upon termination.

Continue or cancel individual services

  • Services within blue Security & Service S, M or L can also be continued individually. Please note that this cancels price benefits.
  • The My Service M/L package included in blue Security & Service M/L cannot be ordered separately. We can offer you our My Service All-In or basic packages as an alternative.
  • Before cancelling, please ensure that you save or write down the passwords stored with Identity Security. Cancelling the product prevents further access.

The E-Mail Security Checker examines the material from data breaches for accounts that are linked to the e-mail address provided by you. 

A data breach occurs when your personal information is made public by a company or organisation. This includes particulars such as passwords, telephone numbers and date of birth. 

If your data has been misused, you will receive an e-mail with the details and possible measures you can take to prevent further misuse. 

You can check multiple e-mail addresses step by step. If a data breach is found to have occurred, you will receive separate information and appropriate instructions on how to proceed for each e-mail address checked. 

All the advantages of blue Security & Service

The protection functions of our security solution combined with its usability and customer satisfaction have repeatedly received top marks in independent tests. Our solutions are based on the leading cybersecurity solutions from F-Secure in Finland.

A combined package means you can protect up to 10 devices and all the online accounts of up to 10 e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, etc. that you have registered in advance. As well as ensuring that your smartphones, tablets and laptops are secure, your personal data is also monitored online around the clock.

Need help with a technical issue or with setting up or installing a device? The My Service professionals will support you by phone, at home or in the Swisscom Shop.

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blue Security & Service M/L also gives you extra space for your photos, videos and data on myCloud, the secure online storage facility in Swisscom’s data centres.

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blue Security & Service L includes insurance that covers you for cybercrime, providing legal protection if you suffer hacker strikes, cyberbullying or virus attacks.

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My Security: the app for blue Security & Services

My Security guarantees safe surfing. You receive warnings about risky apps and websites, with protection against viruses, Trojans and malware.

With the password manager, you only need one master password. You can create and use automatic secure logins for all your online accounts. Your data is stored in encrypted form.

My Security monitors all your online accounts for up to 10 e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, etc. and warns you immediately in the event of misuse so that you can block them quickly.

Set time limits and content filters for your children and manage when specific apps and websites can be used, and on which devices.

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Best service app

Full control over your subscription with My Swisscom.

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Internet installation app

Assistance with setting up and repairing your Internet connection, e-mail accounts and WLAN connection.

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Make sure you are protected from the financial implications of a smartphone repair caused by drop, display damage or water damage.

Meet the legal requirements for electronic signatures on your documents with Swisscom Sign.

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