Power banks & chargers

All the power you need for your mobile, tablet or laptop

As we all know, devices need charging regularly. There are a wide variety of power supply options out there, including USB chargers, desktop chargers or mobile power supply. One option is to charge your mobile by connecting it to a power supply via a USB cable. The latest smartphones have an integrated USB C port that allows for even faster charging, ensuring that your device is ready to use in no time.

The new alternative to charger cables

Today, many mobile devices no longer need charging via a cable, but can be placed on an inductive charging pad or docking station or inside a smart case with charging function. You simply place your mobile on the pad or inside the case and the battery starts charging. Wireless charging stations are particularly popular nowadays given the extra freedom you enjoy.

Power bank for charging on the move

Out and about with no access to a power point? It is also possible to charge your phone using a power bank – an external mobile battery. Solar and wireless power bank models are also available. USB-A, USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB: for every port, there’s a compatible power bank. To recharge the back-up battery, simply connect the power bank to a power outlet or USB port. Your compact assistant will then be ready for its next mobile charging job.