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Is your mobile broken or has it been stolen? Find out whether the damage is covered by Easy Protection and what you have to do.

Damaged mobile: Procedure

  1. Take your device to the nearest Swisscom Shop.
  2. We will repair or replace your smartphone.
  3. You pay the CHF 70.– or CHF 100.– excess in the Shop itself or by invoice. Please note: The repair for a damaged device must always be arranged by Swisscom. This is the only way to have the costs covered by Easy Protection.

Stolen mobile: Procedure

  1. Block your SIM card within 48 hours.Here’s how
  2. Notify the police of the theft and your device’s IMEI number(opens in new tab).
  3. In My Swisscom under ‘Current use and costs’, check whether call charges have been incurred since the theft occurred. N.B. There is a delay in displaying call charges.
  4. Inform AXA of any call charges incurred. Costs of up to CHF 2,000.– are insured and you do not have to pay an excess.

Take out an Easy Protection policy retrospectively

You can still take out Easy Protection after purchasing the mobile phone, if:
  • You bought the smartphone from Swisscom no more than 30 days previously.
  • The smartphone is not damaged.

Take the smartphone to a Swisscom Shop and our employees will be happy to help.


You can take out Easy Protection when you buy a new mobile phone from Swisscom. You can now do this up to 30 days after purchasing the device. Customers must go to the Swisscom Shop in order to do this.

You can find the costs for Easy Protection and any promotions on this page:

Easy Protection provides cover for the following:

  • Drop and display damage: For example, you drop your mobile phone and the display shatters.
  • Water damage: For example, you drop your mobile phone into the bathtub and it no longer works.
  • Call misuse following theft: For example, your stolen mobile phone is used to make calls. The resulting costs are insured for up to CHF 2,000.
  • Free replacement device during the repair
  • Max. 2 claims per year (max. 2 times the price of the new device)

Theft (incl. loss) is not insured and is normally covered by the household insurance. Please contact your household insurer in this case.

The excess payable in the event of a claim is CHF 70.– (with the CHF 9.90 policy) or CHF 100.– (with the CHF 14.90 policy). There is no excess for call misuse due to theft.

The Easy Protection cover ends:

  • if the cumulative amount of damage for two claims exceeds the maximum value of the device (customers can also pay the additional costs directly so that the max. amount is not higher)
  • if the device is lost or stolen
  • if a claim involves an offence

Easy Protection has a fixed term of 12 months (minimum contract period) and can be cancelled by either party with 90 days’ notice at the end of the minimum contract period. If you do not give notice of termination, Easy Protection will be renewed for an indefinite period and may be cancelled by either party upon giving 90 days’ notice. Easy Protection terms and conditions

The Easy Protection term will be extended by one year in the event of a registered claim.

If your mobile phone has been stolen and call misuse has occurred, please contact AXA: 0800 809 809

You must pay your bill on time. If an extended warranty claim is made while you are in arrears with payment, you will not be entitled to repair services.

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