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Block SIM and order replacement SIM

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Block your SIM or order/activate a replacement SIM, e.g. if your mobile is lost or stolen or you change your device.

Block lost SIM

If you lose your mobile phone, block your SIM online in My Swisscom (Customer Center) or by phone. This stops anyone from using your mobile phone to make calls on the mobile network and incurring costs. You can unblock the SIM again at any time in My Swisscom.

If you use Prepaid, your SIM can only be blocked online if your device was registered in My Swisscom before it was lost. If it is not registered, please call Swisscom.

If your device is stolen, please report the loss to the police. To do so, you need your device’s IMEI number. You will find this in My Swisscom. Select the mobile subscription for the stolen device and go to “Devices & SIM”.

Order replacement SIM

The easiest way to order a new SIM card is in My Swisscom, if you have lost your mobile phone or you wish to use a mobile ID and need a more recent SIM for this, for instance.

If your device supports the eSIM function, you can also switch to an eSIM. You will keep your current telephone number and switching is free of charge.

Activate SIM

Once you have received your replacement SIM, proceed as follows:


  1. Read the information in the letter received with your SIM. This will advise you of any specific steps required to activate your SIM.
  2. Insert the new SIM into the device SIM slot. Go to device instructions
  3. You will now receive an SMS with a link. Click the link to confirm the activation of your new SIM.
  4. Restart your mobile phone.



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