Block, re-order and activate a SIM card

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Find out how to block your SIM (e.g. if you have lost your mobile phone) and how to order and activate a new SIM card or eSIM online and free of charge.

Block SIM

If you lose your mobile phone or additional device you can easily block your SIM online in My Swisscom (customer centre). This protects your device against misuse. Set up Call forwarding in My Swisscom so that your contacts can still reach you. If you cannot block the SIM online, contact us here.

If your device is stolen, please report the loss to the police. To do so, you need your device’s IMEI number. 

Display IMEI number(opens in new tab)

Order a new SIM card (free of charge)

If you require a new SIM card for your main or additional device, simply order it online and free of charge.

SIM card

You can pick up your new SIM card at any kiosk or Press & Books (no reservation required) or have it delivered to your home address by post within 3 working days.


You can switch to an eSIM at no extra cost. When you order, you will receive a QR code with your new eSIM profile. You can activate and use your eSIM immediately. This avoids waiting times and you will no longer need a SIM card.

You can also order your eSIM from a Swisscom Shop or the hotline. If you still have your old SIM, you have the following options:

To order an eSIM from in new tab), your phone must be connected to the mobile network. To do this, switch off the WLAN connection.

How does the eSIM work?

The “e” stands for “embedded”. This means that the SIM is integrated into the device and the eSIM chip is built into the device by the manufacturer (Apple, Samsung etc.). Swisscom subsequently uploads the eSIM profile to the device, including data about the subscription or telephone number. In the longer term, the eSIM will replace the traditional SIM card. Find out from your device manufacturer whether your mobile phone works with an eSIM.

Would you like to activate an additional SIM for your additional device as part of your subscription? Order a new eSIM or multi device SIM card via Multi Device.

Activate new SIM card

  1. SIM card: After receiving your replacement SIM, insert the new SIM card into your device's SIM slot.
    eSIM: After receiving your eSIM profile as a QR code, scan it with your smartphone camera app  and follow the instructions. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Video tutorials: iPhone or Android-based mobile
  2. After inserting the new SIM card or scanning in and setting up the eSIM, the new SIM will be activated automatically within a few seconds. Alternatively, you can activate your new card in My Swisscom(opens in new tab). This deactivates your old SIM.
  3. Restart your mobile phone.


We provide you with an eSIM profile free of charge. The activation charge for a new SIM card costs CHF 40.– and is charged conveniently to your mobile phone bill. There is no activation charge if you order online.

WhatsApp works in the same way with the eSIM as it does with a conventional SIM card. However, if WhatsApp is used with a dual SIM, you can only register and use one telephone number for WhatsApp on the device.

If your mobile has an eSIM (rather than a SIM card), you need to transfer the eSIM profile to your new device. Transferring from iOS to iOS is very straightforward:

If you have an Android device, proceed as follows:

  1. Delete the eSIM profile from the old smartphone (in settings).
  2. Order a new eSIM free of charge in the Cockpit(opens in new tab), Swisscom Shop or by phoning the hotline. Your phone must be connected to the mobile network to order the eSIM via Swisscom Cockpit. To do this, switch off the WLAN connection.
  3. Scan the QR code using the camera on the new mobile and download.

The following devices in the Swisscom range can currently be used with an eSIM:
Discover devices

Your device manufacturer provides instructions on how to use the dual SIM function.

By default, the SIM PIN is deactivated on the eSIM. However, it can be reactivated if necessary. Go to the device settings and enter an incorrect PIN 3 times. You can then set a new personal PIN using the PUK code.
View PUK 

A SIM card cannot be dispatched abroad or only in consultation with us. However, it is simple to order and activate an eSIM online because there is no physical card to supply. Note that, when you are abroad, it needs to be
activated in My Swisscom and will not activate automatically.

Resetting your smartphone will also delete the eSIM profile from your device. In other words, you will need a new eSIM profile.
Order this as a free replacement SIM on My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

Once you have activated the new SIM, you can use the recovery code to transfer your Mobile ID to the new SIM. You can now continue to use your existing applications.

Important: have the recovery code ready before activating the new SIM. You can generate a new code any time at in new tab).

More about Mobile ID(opens in new tab)

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