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  • Q1 2020

    Interim Report January to March

  • Background & info

    “Almost everything would be digital. Were
    it not for signatures”

  • Zoom – We are Swisscom

    Nadim ensures the best possible customer experience.

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5 - 15 August 2020

Locarno Film Festival 2020

13 August 2020

Half-year Results 2020

Interim report January to June 2020
07:15h Publication

2 - 3 September 2020

Swiss Economic Forum 2020

8 September 2020

Swisscom Dialogue Experience 2020 in Lausanne

5 – 6 October 2020

Startup Days 2020

  • Swisscom 2019 in figures

    1.8 billion CHF

    investment in the network


    Award winner in multiple mobile network tests


    customers using inOne bundled offerings

  • Swisscom 2019 in figures


    Apprentices undergoing training


    More efficiently cooled mobile phone antennas


    Return rate of used mobile phones

Ultra-broadband for Switzerland

Roaming: Simply cheaper

The leading digital TV service

Mobile: The best network

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