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Background & info    23 April 2018

Schools discover the digital planner.

By the time schools introduce the new Curriculum 21, computers will be an integral part of every lesson. But...

Background & info   20 April 2018

"Person-to-person contact is indispensable."

Swisscom's customer service was commended again in March by the trade magazines PCTipp and connect. Marc Werner...

Background & info   19 April 2018

Swisscom expands its global cloud services

Swisscom is expanding its public cloud portfolio by assuming full operational responsibility for Amazon Web Services and Azure on behalf of customers. Swisscom is also introducing...

Press release   12 April 2018

Coop to buy Swisscom’s shares in Siroop

Coop will acquire Swisscom’s 50% share package in the online marketplace Siroop on 1 May 2018. Coop plans to consolidate Siroop with its own Microspot sales channel and thus benefit…

Background & info   12 April 2018

HEV Schweiz and Swisscom agree on further development agreements for optical fibre technologies

The Hauseigentümerverband Schweiz (HEV - Swiss House Owners' Association) and Swisscom have agreed on using updated Swisscom development agreements, which include the optical...

Background & info   9 April 2018

Conextrade breaks the 100 million mark

Conextrade celebrates its 18th birthday. More than 3,500 companies have processed 100 million transactions via the B2B platform of Swisscom over the past 18 years.

Press release   9 April 2018

Swisscom brings the Patrouille des Glaciers 2018 to your living room live

When the 21st Patrouille des Glaciers gets underway on 17 April, Swisscom will be ready with innovations. The patrols will now be tracked live with the low-power network and, for the first time…

Press release   5 April 2018

Swisscom wins CHIP mobile network test

The third mobile network test in Switzerland conducted by CHIP trade magazine again confirms that Swisscom customers have the best network in the country. Swisscom was the overall…

Press release   5 April 2018

Swisscom TV to show more football than ever before!

Swisscom TV is becoming the home of football for all fans in Switzerland. In addition to the Raiffeisen Super League, the Challenge League and many of the top European leagues…

Press release   4 April 2018

Shareholders approve a dividend of CHF 22 per share

At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Swisscom Ltd, held in Fribourg today, the shareholders approved all requests of the Board of Directors and agreed…


Background & info   21 March 2018

SBB on board with Low Power Network

SBB has joined forces with Swisscom and Swiss Post for the Internet of Things (IoT). As a cooperation partner in the Low Power Network (LPN), SBB is driving network…

Press release   14 March 2018

Swisscom customers save up to 50 per cent when surfing abroad

Swisscom is again slashing its roaming prices. From 19 March, prices for almost all roaming data packages will fall by 20 to 50 per cent. For example, a 1 GB data package for use in the EU …

Press release   5 March 2018

Swisscom und Ypsomed reveal: 5G is the key for the industry of the future

Since spring 2017, Swisscom and medical technology manufacturer Ypsomed have been developing joint applications for the latest 5G mobile communication generation for …


Background & info   28 February 2018

Swisscom and Swisspro launch strategic partnership

Swisscom enters a strategic partnership with Swisspro. Swisscom’s goal is to strengthen its UCC business with the Unify technology manufacturer and focus even more on managed services.

Press release   27 February 2018

Swisscom and social partners agree on salaries for 2018

Swisscom and its social partners, syndicom and transfair, have completed their salary negotiations, agreeing on a 1.1 per cent wage bill rise.

Press release   22 February 2018

Swisscom to roll out latest 5G mobile generation in 2018

Swisscom customers will now enjoy the 5th mobile generation at the end of 2018, two years earlier than originally expected. The pace at which the latest mobile communication standard…

Background & info   20 February 2018

Swisscom brings Switzerland enterprise search

Employees waste up to 20 per cent of their time searching in their company Intranet. Based in Eastern Switzerland, software provider Hulbee aims to change this. The issue is all the more…

Background & info   15 February 2018

Swisscom Broadcast partners with Hytera: Plans to establish a centre of competence to accelerate time to market for new technology

Two companies, one common goal: Swisscom Broadcast Ltd has signed a system partner agreement with Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH for Switzerland and Liechtenstein…

Background & info   7 February 2018

"Never again."

Persons unknown have misappropriated Swisscom customer information classed as "non-sensitive personal data" under …

Press release   7 February 2018

Swisscom tightens security for customer information

Swisscom is to tighten security for so-called non-sensitive customer data in the wake of the misappropriation of a sales partner’s access rights. Swisscom was unable to identify …

Press release   7 February 2018

Financial year 2017: market success, market pressure continued

• Practically stable revenue, EBITDA and net income • Market success with TV connections, bundled offerings and solutions business with corporate customers as well as at Fastweb...


Background & info   30 January 2018

Cloud infrastructure at the touch of a button: Prices for Ultra Fast Storage and computing power fall by more than 30 percent

Swisscom drops the prices for its Dynamic Computing Services from February 2018. Virtual computing power (vCPU) becomes over 30 percent cheaper and storage from the…

Press release   29 January 2018

Swisscom easy point: Simple requests, handled directly

Quickly, uncomplicated and flexible. Swisscom launched a new service channel, the Swisscom easy point, together with Valora on 22 January 2018. In future, Swisscom customers will be...

Background & info   23 January 2018

Head of Group Communications on Cargo sous terrain

Reducing truck traffic by half on motorways and a third in cities is the most striking effect of Cargo sous terrain, a subterranean mega...

Background & info   16 January 2018

Digital donation platform to cease operations has been bringing together donors and certified charities on a single platform since mid-2016. However, after 18 months of operation, it has become clear that the donation...

Background & info   16 January 2018

Digital donation platform to cease operations has been bringing together donors and certified charities on a single platform since mid-2016. However, after 18 months of operation, it has become clear that the donation...

Press release   12 January 2018

Successful conclusion of CEA negotiations at Swisscom

Swisscom and its social partners, the trade union syndicom and staff association transfair, have agreed a new collective employment agreement for Swisscom employees.