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Background & info   7 December 2017

Christmas in UHD

When it comes to buying a TV, UHD is everywhere now – but it's still a rarity when it comes to channels. That’s going to change now at...

Background & info   5 December 2017

The forgotten treasure at the back of the drawer

When they buy a new mobile phone, half of the Swiss population sets aside their old device. But as the world’s raw materials for new...


Background & info   30 November 2017

How the telephone spam filter works

How can you prevent unwanted cold calls? Swisscom’s call filter provides a smart and effective solution. Callfilter blocks...

Press release   30 November 2017

Put an end to those annoying advertising calls to your mobile

Swisscom is now offering a call filter for both fixed network and mobile connections, and it is the only provider in Switzerland to do so. This means aggressive and unwanted advertising calls can be a thing...

Background & info   28 November 2017

CTO Heinz Herren on victory in the mobile network test

Swisscom wins this year's comprehensive mobile network test in connect magazine with an outstanding commendation and shares...

Background & info   24 November 2017

A new take on buying and selling film rights with blockchain.

When broadcasters buy films or sell their own programmes, they still do it the old traditional way. It involves major deals, complex...

Press release   15 November 2017

Swisscom offers SMEs digitisation at a fixed cost

From small bakeries to medium-sized businesses with several sites: now SMEs can focus their personnel and financial resources on their core business. Swisscom’s "Smart ICT" is a unique...

Press release   15 November 2017

Personal TV worlds, voice control, high-speed WLAN, secure surfing

Swisscom TV launches a new user interface for personal entertainment. The new versatile WLAN-Box closes gaps in reception and cuts back on wire, while Swisscom’s Internet Guard...

Press release   8 November 2017

Swisscom selects Ericsson as strategic supplier for Gigabit LTE and 5G

+++ Swisscom and Ericsson reaffirm their long-standing, strategic partnership by continuing to drive innovation in Gigabit LTE and 5G +++ Ericsson to provide complete digital transformation...

Background & info   6 November 2017

Swisscom launches Open Banking Hub

FinTech companies and banks are increasingly working with, rather than against one another. Together, they can simplify processes and offer banking customers added value...

Press release   2 November 2017

Successful in the market

Interim report as per the end of September 2017 +++ Stable revenue and EBITDA +++ Successful in the market, particularly with inOne and Swisscom TV, despite continued pressure on prices...


Background & info   26 October 2017

SmartLife Care becomes a company in its own right

SmartLife Care, which was previously part of Swisscom, is now to operate in the market as a company in its own right, retaining the name SmartLife Care. The new company...

Background & info   19 October 2017

Swisscom equips St. Chrischona transmitter site with solar installation

At the beginning of October 2017, Swisscom Broadcast put another photovoltaic system into operation at its St. Chrischona radio and TV transmitter station near Basel...

Background & info   19 October 2017 – Swisscom tests innovation for the ultra-fast broadband network

Huawei Switzerland and Swisscom are collaborating to push the limits of data transfer on short copper cables combined with fibre optics. Since August 2017, Swisscom has...

Press release   19 October 2017

Swisscom extends cloud portfolio with global solutions

Swisscom is expanding its own cloud with global solutions from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Companies can now benefit from the wealth of services of a global...

Press release   16 October 2017

“SimplyMobile” is the first subscription without an expiry date

Simple, clear and affordable: In “SimplyMobile”, Swisscom is launching the first subscription package in Switzerland in which the data allowance does not expire at the end...

Background & info   12 October 2017

How Swisscom uses artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence moved from being the stuff of movies to become part of our daily lives long ago. Many of us use...

Background & info   11 October 2017

Swisscom Enterprise Application Cloud: expanded container orchestration and hybrid option

Swisscom is stepping up its commitment to Cloud Foundry in order to further promote the industry standard for Platform as a Service.

Background & info   10 October 2017

All IP for Aarberg, Nyon, Uster and Zurich Oberstrass/Unterstrass – pioneers on the journey into the digital age

The future of communication worldwide is “IP” (Internet Protocol). This is true for Switzerland as well.