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Background & info   19 October 2017

Swisscom equips St. Chrischona transmitter site with solar installation

At the beginning of October 2017, Swisscom Broadcast put another photovoltaic system into operation at its St. Chrischona radio and TV transmitter station near Basel...

Background & info   19 October 2017 – Swisscom tests innovation for the ultra-fast broadband network

Huawei Switzerland and Swisscom are collaborating to push the limits of data transfer on short copper cables combined with fibre optics. Since August 2017, Swisscom has...

Press release   19 October 2017

Swisscom extends cloud portfolio with global solutions

Swisscom is expanding its own cloud with global solutions from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Companies can now benefit from the wealth of services of a global...

Press release   16 October 2017

“SimplyMobile” is the first subscription without an expiry date

Simple, clear and affordable: In “SimplyMobile”, Swisscom is launching the first subscription package in Switzerland in which the data allowance does not expire at the end...

Background & info   12 October 2017

How Swisscom uses artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence moved from being the stuff of movies to become part of our daily lives long ago. Many of us use...

Background & info   11 October 2017

Swisscom Enterprise Application Cloud: expanded container orchestration and hybrid option

Swisscom is stepping up its commitment to Cloud Foundry in order to further promote the industry standard for Platform as a Service.

Background & info   10 October 2017

All IP for Aarberg, Nyon, Uster and Zurich Oberstrass/Unterstrass – pioneers on the journey into the digital age

The future of communication worldwide is “IP” (Internet Protocol). This is true for Switzerland as well.


Background & info   28 September 2017

Head of Products & Marketing talking about HBO on Swisscom TV

As of now Swisscom TV is airing the series of American pay TV pioneer HBO. And that’s just for starters, says Dirk Wierzbitzki...

Press release   28 September 2017

Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt are moving to SIM cards with Mobile ID

With Mobile ID and a smartphone, everyone can log in simply and securely to various online platforms, no matter whether this is an online banking site, web shop or company VPN.

Background & info   27 September 2017

Swisscom remains main sponsor of Swiss-Ski until 2022

Teaming up for Swiss winter sports: after 15 years Swisscom is renewing its contract as main sponsor of Swiss-Ski for another...

Background & info   26 September 2017

Publifon: a nostalgic farewell

Publifon use has declined dramatically since the mobile phone made its triumphal entry in the 1990s and many payphones were...

Background & info   26 September 2017

Cyber Defence: A danger foreseen is a danger avoided

Swisscom has extended its range of Managed Security Services and is now offering comprehensive Threat Detection & Response solutions for corporate customers.

Background & info   25 September 2017

Swisscom trials electronic patient record system for the first time

This week Swisscom is to mount a large-scale trial of its electronic patient record (EPR) system. More than 70 IT specialists from all over Switzerland and neighbouring countries will meet...

Background & info   22 September 2017

Head of Development Swisscom Outpost China

Swisscom is opening a new outpost in China in 2018 in its quest for new technologies. Why? Today already, four in ten of the most...

Press release   21 September 2017

Swisscom steps up blockchain activities and establishes new subsidiary

Blockchains are a new form of database. The technology initially acquired renown as the basis for virtual currencies such as bitcoin. Yet in the years to come, it will also revolutionise industry...

Background & info   21 September 2017

Open Innovation at Swisscom

Global trends challenge the company. Transformation and innovation are more important than ever. How does Swisscom engineer the innovation process to remain successful?

Press release   20 September 2017

inOne Mobile Prepaid – flexible inclusive volumes without a subscription

inOne is now also available for prepaid customers and provides faster surfing speeds and three new bundled packages on the basic tariff to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Press release   7 September 2017

Increased Regulation Leads to Digital Urban-Rural Divide

The Federal Council has passed the message of the Telecommunications Law Revision (FMG) to parliament. Swisscom considers a revision at the present moment to be unnecessary...

Press release   7 September 2017

The Swisscom Cloud family is growing

Two new Swisscom cloud solutions are now available on the market: The fully-integrated Enterprise Service Cloud from Switzerland and the Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions...


Background & info   28 August 2017

Why Swisscom TV 1.0 is going offline

After eleven years, Swisscom is shutting down Swisscom TV 1.0 at the end of October. The first generation of the IPTV product is...

Background & info   28 August 2017

ERI and SWISSCOM unveil ITO & BPO offering

ERI and Swisscom have joined forces to provide private-banking and wealth management outsourcing services to banks and other organisations operating in the Swiss financial centres.

Press release   24 August 2017

Alpine associations and Swisscom enter into partnership to bring state-of-the-art telecommunications services to alpine businesses and SAC chalets

The alpine associations aim to connect their alpine businesses and chalets to the communication of the future. The associations are responsible for arranging the power...

Press release   17 August 2017

Meet the winners of the 2017 Swisscom StartUp Challenge

Advertima, AlgoTrader, ecoRobotix, 1Drop and OneSky are the winners of the fifth Swisscom StartUp Challenge. Their pitches impressed the jury most. And now they leave...

Press release   17 August 2017

On course: Swisscom holding its own successfully on the market

Interim report on first half of 2017 +++ Stable revenue in comparison with the previous year and an increase in EBITDA +++ Trend for bundled offerings continues – inOne has over...

Background & info   3 August 2017

Swisscom TV remains number one for football fans: the Sky Sport app will also launch on Swisscom TV

The new Sky Sport app will become part of Swisscom TV: as an integrated app on the Swisscom TV box for home and as a mobile app for many devices for use underway. This...

Press release   2 August 2017

Digital building blocks: Swisscom apprentices take an active role in shaping their own futures

Today, 278 young people are beginning apprenticeships at Swisscom, around half of them in ICT jobs. During their training, the apprentices will apply for several projects in various...


Background & info   24 July 2017

Football TV rights: Who will be airing which live matches?

Broadcasting rights for live football matches are hotly contested. We now know however that, in addition to the Super League...

Background & info   19 July 2017

Swisscom appoints Balz A. Gut as Head of Banking Transformation

Effective as of 1 September 2017, Balz A. Gut will be joining Swisscom and assuming responsibility for the Banking Transformation unit. Together with his new team, Gut will...

Press release   12 July 2017

Swisscom continues to fight for its ice hockey fans

Despite clear indications of anti-competitive behaviour, the Competition Commission (Weko) has rejected precautionary measures against UPC concerning the offer of....

Background & info   7 July 2017

USA launches vocational education: Swisscom as model

After years of preparation, it's finally going to happen late this summer: the launch of vocational education in the USA. The...