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Have you just completed your school, college or university education and are planning your next step? Are you at home in the digital world, keen to learn and achieve great things with your colleagues? Start your career now with an apprenticeship, fast-track Way-up traineeship, practice-based bachelor’s degree programme, or a long-term internship as part of your secondary education (school-based VET programme, or SOG). Or become an (IT) trainee, perhaps also in our Step-in graduate internship programme. Next Generation – get your career off to a great start with Swisscom.

Are you a school-leaver?

Are you a secondary school-leaver or Matura holder?

Are you a student or graduate?

Get your career off to a flying start with Swisscom

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At Swisscom, you can make a difference: together with your colleagues, you will help develop the technologies of tomorrow. In an agile, flexible and diverse environment.

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