Swisscom Group: Vision, values and goals

The long-term positioning of Swisscom is underpinned by its purpose, vision, values and Group goals.


Empowering the digital future


Innovators of Trust

The most trusted Swiss tech innovator creating unique customer experiences with positive impact for society.


trustworthy, committed, curious

Group Goals


We focus on three values that define who we are and the approach we take to our work.


We are close to our customers and staff and act in a responsible and reliable manner.


We pursue our goals with passion and we focus on what's important.


We are continually developing and always grasp new opportunities.

Group Goals

Swisscom has defined five Group goals, the purpose of which is to ensure that Swisscom is ready for the future, remains successful in a dynamic market environment in the long term and continues to defend its position as the market, technology and innovation leader into the future.

No. 1 in Switzerland

“We will continue to make major investments in new technologies so we can offer our customers the best in a networked world.”

Christoph Aeschlimann,
CEO Swisscom

Swisscom consolidates its position as the market leader in Switzerland and as an essential provider of IT services. Swisscom is creating the digital backbone of Switzerland and is known for offering the best customer experience(opens in new tab). As one of Switzerland’s leading employers in the field of ICT, Swisscom will continue attracting the best talent.


Ultra-fast broadband in Switzerland around 95% service coverage with up to 80 Mbit/s by the end of 2025
Ultra-fast broadband in Switzerland around 85% service coverage with up to 200 Mbit/s by the end of 2025
Ultra-fast broadband in Switzerland around 55% service coverage with up to 10 Gbit/s by the end of 2025

Leading Challenger in Italy

“We are speeding up growth in all business sectors and capitalising on opportunities in the Italian market.”

Alberto Calcagno,

The Swisscom subsidiary Fastweb(opens in new tab) is a leading alternative provider for residential and business customers in Italy. Through continuous investments(opens in new tab), Fastweb is further expanding its convergent ultra-fast broadband network(opens in new tab). Fastweb is making a significant contribution to Swisscom’s growth and aims to gain an even greater share of the market(opens in new tab). Fastweb also wants to offer the best customer experience(opens in new tab) through impressive service quality.


Ultra-fast broadband in Italy around 90% 5G mobile service coverage by the end of 2025

Rock-solid Financials

“By simplifying business processes and continuously improving our efficiency, we will improve the stability of our Swiss business.”

Eugen Stermetz,
Head of Business Steering Switzerland

Swisscom enjoys a very high level of financial stability. Securing profitability(opens in new tab) and cash flow are important to continue guaranteeing an attractive dividend. Swisscom will also continue to ensure a solid balance(opens in new tab) sheet in the future.


Net revenue CHF 11.1 – 11.2 billion
Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) CHF 4.6 – 4.7 billion
Capital expenditure around CHF 2.3 billion

Com­mitted to Cor­po­rate Res­ponsi­bili­ty

“We feel closely connected to Switzerland and play an active role in shaping our country's future.”

Stefan Nünlist,
Head of Group Communications & Responsibility

Swisscom is committed to corporate social responsibility. As a trustworthy company, Swisscom is focused on sustainability, which is reflected, among other things, in climate neutrality and a positive carbon footprint. Swisscom promotes digital integration by offering services to improve media skills. Swisscom also offers its employees an inspiring workplace and promotes diversity and inclusion in the company, is committed to fair and environmentally friendly supply chains and maintains a reliable, high-performance ICT infrastructure.


We want to be completely climate neutral by 2025.
Together with our customers, we want to save one million tonnes of carbon per year, which equates to 2% of Switzerland’s carbon emissions

Outstanding in Innovation and Reliability

Swisscom is launching innovative products and services based on resilient and secure networks. As a leading digital company, Swisscom also offers the best customer experiences in the digital environment.(opens in new tab) It is systematically developing its digital business growth areas such as FinTech and trust services. In Silicon Valley, our outpost(opens in new tab) is involved in the scouting and transfer of technology on behalf of Swisscom. Swisscom Ventures(opens in new tab) networks start-ups with Swisscom’s business units to stimulate innovation. Swisscom StartUp supports start-ups and entrepreneurs in Switzerland with advice, discounts on IT and cloud services, expert know-how, coaching programmes, finance and community events. The internal intrapreneurship programme Kickbox(opens in new tab) also supports the company’s internal innovation process by providing employees with tools, a clear process and resources for innovation projects.