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Swisscom is committed to greater social sustainability. We stand up for media literacy, digital education, fair supply chains, diversity and accessibility.

Goal 2025

2 million

people Swisscom helps to

develop their skills in the networked world

Our contribution

Media smart!

Digital media in everyday family life

Screen time is a thorny issue in many families. We looked, listened and discovered some fascinating facts that we’d like to share with you.

Fair supply chains

Better working conditions at suppliers

We consistently call for adherence to social and ecological standards at our suppliers.




in training



at audited suppliers

Equal pay

We ensure equal pay for men and women


We firmly advocate
the diversity
of our employees


Courses on digital topics

Learn more about using your smartphone, tablet or Swisscom products in practical courses and workshops.


Making the digital world accessible to all

Swisscom’s ambition is to ensure that everyone in Switzerland can use communication devices without any hindrance.

A responsible employer

Why jobs at Swisscom are so sought after

Swisscom is one of the most forward-thinking and popular companies in Switzerland.


The new guide to digital media

For children, parents and teaching staff.



course participants

Well over half a million people have already attended our educational programs.

Vocational training

We train 900 apprentices

Swisscom provides 900 apprenticeships in eight different vocations.

Latest news

Discover fascinating CSR stories and our sustainability blog on blue News.

Ready for the

We are ready to make our contribution to environmental protection. We already save more CO2 than we emit. Now we want to consolidate this advantage.

Ready for

We are ready to strengthen Switzerland's competitiveness and quality of life. With reliable highspeed Internet for all Swiss households and businesses.