Swisscom firmly advocates the diversity of its employees: the different viewpoints, experiences, ideas and skills of each individual are what make Swisscom a successful, innovative and creative company.



Swisscom promotes flexible working models for women and men at all levels of the business.


Swisscom aims to increase the proportion of women in management by one percentage point every year.


Swisscom aims to reserve 1% of jobs for employees with special needs.

Work and family

Swisscom is committed to enabling employees achieve an effective work-life balance.


Flexible working models

Opportunities to trial part-time working or work 80-100% of full-time hours


Being and becoming a parent

18 weeks’ maternity leave, 3 weeks’ paternity leave including the Vater crash course for new fathers.


Job share

Two people share one job and assume joint responsibility for the role.


Work & care

Childcare and support for employees caring for relatives.

“Diversity challenges unconscious patterns of thought, promotes holistic thinking and reveals the full potential of every employee.”

Zuzana Skarpiskova
Head of Corporate Strategy
and Co-Lead Diversity at Swisscom

Swisscom Portrait