Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We firmly advocate the diversity of our employees: the different viewpoints, experiences, ideas and skills of each individual are what make Swisscom a successful, innovative and creative company.

Gender equality

Talent man­age­ment and equal pay

We support training courses for women as part of the Advance Women initiative. In addition, we organise women-only in-house courses and events such as Ladies Drive evenings. With its Digital Days for Girls, we promote initiatives that can impact career choices. We are also committed to equal pay for men and women.


A young mindset and an experienced hand

People of all ages work together at Swisscom. Collaboration between the generations enables us to develop products and services that meet our customers’ needs. Employees of all ages take part in basic and further training. A part-time retirement model has been developed specifically for older employees to enable them to gradually reduce their working hours before retirement.


Promoting integration

We foster a performance and development culture focused on personal strengths. At least one percent of jobs are reserved for employees with special needs, enabling them to contribute to the success of Swisscom and promoting their integration in the labour market.

Background and language

Respecting and fostering diversity

Employees from around 100 nations contribute to Swisscom’s success. Based at various locations across all the regions of Switzerland, they communicate with each other and our customers in the national languages of Switzerland, German, French or Italian and in English. We have a presence in each of Switzerland’s linguistic regions. It attaches great importance to ensuring that the various languages are appropriately represented on the governing bodies.

True colours on blue+​

With blue Video June will be colourful. In Pride month, we celebrate diversity with outstanding stories.​

LGBTIQ* - PROUD­ @Swisscom

As an innovative, outward-looking company, we promote an inclusive, open work environment. Swisscom’s internal LGBTIQ* network Proud@Swisscom acts as a platform within and beyond the company. Diversity is the only way to guarantee long-term success. There is no place for discrimination or exclusion based on gender, gender identity or sexual orientation at Swisscom.

 das Swiss LGBTI-Label

TheSwiss LGBTI-Label confirms that we are a LGBTIQ*-friendly employer.


Swisscom is committed to enabling employees achieve an effective work-life integration.

Flexible working models

Standortunabhängiges Arbeiten und flexible Arbeitszeiten an drei Tagen pro Woche (je nach Tätigkeit)

Being and becoming a parent

20 weeks’ maternity leave, 4 weeks’ paternity and adoption leave, Father crash course for new fathers, Parental counselling, Financial support

Part-time work

Jobsharing, Part-time probation period, Partial retirement, Job advertisement with 60-100%

More time for your personal life

Support for caring for relatives, Holiday purchase, Working hours account

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report 2023

As a sign of transparency and our commitment, we are publishing our first DE&I Report. It highlights our efforts in diversity, equal opportunities, and an inclusive corporate culture. The report also provides information on our strategy, objectives, and progress.

Together ready for a diverse Swisscom

Mania Hodler - Head of Talent Management, Diversity and Cultural Topics

«Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are central factors for sustainable growth - as a person, as a team, as a company. At Swisscom we welcome all facets of human diversity.»

Mania Hodler

Head of Talent Management, Diversity and Cultural Topics

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