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Find your apprenticeship with us. A Swisscom apprenticeship is as individual as you are: our unique training model gives you a lot of freedom throughout your apprenticeship. Our projects last for several months and you can choose what you would like to work on in your chosen field. From the start, you are given responsibility for fascinating tasks and work with colleagues from various business areas. You therefore learn something new every day and are perfectly equipped for your future.

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Find the apprenticeship position of your dreams at Swisscom. An apprenticeship with Switzerland’s largest ICT company is a major step towards standing on your own two feet. At Swisscom, we have a flexible, mobile approach to work. You’re free to choose the path your apprenticeship takes and the development steps it includes. Your personal coaches will help with any questions that arise during your training.


The Profile of Competences - Your Guide and Point of Reference During Teaching

Each apprenticeship has a profile of competences. It describes all the skills that you, as a worker and school learner, need to acquire until the end of your apprenticeship. In Swisscom, you can decide when, how and where you want to work. Always with your goals - job-specific skills - in mind, you will explore your own individual learning path, tailored to you and your interests.

Learning Support - Your personal coach

Don't worry, we won't leave you alone! Your learning companion will accompany you throughout your learning: He will keep an eye on your exceptional skills and support you in the planning and implementation of your development stages. Within the projects, you will be supported on a professional and relational level by the collaborators who are the project suppliers. The three of you discuss the goals of your project and how to proceed.

The Marketplace of Projects (The Marketplace) - Your space for discovery and learning

Online, in our project marketplace, you will find a large selection of various projects proposed by our Swisscom employees. A project can be a stand-alone task that you work on from start to finish, or it can be a responsibility that you take on steps or work processes.

Based on your skills profile, you apply for projects that bring you closer to your goal: to have your "backpack" filled with all the skills until the end of your apprenticeship. During your apprenticeship you will get to know a wide variety of people and areas of responsibility, and the best part: you will work from the start on real and economically relevant topics and make a significant contribution to the success of the products and the work.


Would you like to know more about our apprenticeship model and what exactly is behind these projects? Then we recommend to you this blog post.

Our innovative training model briefly explained (in german)

You want more information about our training model?
In that case, find here the extended version of the video.

Digital Days for Girls

Would you like to increase your experience of multimedia or program robots and learn more about the ICT trends of the future?



Digital Business Developer, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024

Mediamatics technician, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024

IT specialist in platform development, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024

IT specialist in application development, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024

Interactive Media Designer, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024


Retailing specialist, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024


Commercial apprentice, Federal VET Diploma

● Apprenticeship positions 2024

Further apprenticeship positions at cablex

Digitalisation has made many things possible in recent years that were still science fiction a few decades ago - and the possibilities are far from exhausted! One of its most important pillars is the telecommunications and electricity network.


Our subsidiary cablex trains young talents in the system-relevant professions of network electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) with a focus on telecommunications, electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) and assembly electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).


If you like to be hands-on, prefer variety and fresh air to routine and a desk, you will find an exciting apprenticeship at cablex to start your professional future!

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