Do you have any questions about your apprenticeship application? Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions on subjects such as application documents, interviews, data protection etc. If you have additional questions on the application process, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Application documents

It’s great that you’re interested in training at Swisscom. Our job portal lists all the available apprenticeship positions.

Simply click the job description, complete the application form, attach your documents – and then submit your application.

The completeness checklist(opens in new tab) lists all the documents we need from you.

Swisscom Next Generation focuses on providing initial professional training for school-leavers. As a result, we generally do not accept applications for second apprenticeships.

We recommend talking to us before you submit your application to make sure that we have space to include you in a training cohort within your chosen profession and region.

In this case, it is also worth knowing that Swisscom will only review your application if you are already in discussions with your current apprenticeship provider and if you have already tried to resolve the issues behind your desire to switch apprenticeships.

You can send your application to the central address for Next Generation:

Swisscom Ltd
Next Generation
PO Box
3050 Bern

If you do not have the details of a direct point of contact, feel free to use the conventional wording ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ to address your cover letter.

Applying for more than one apprenticeship gives the impression that you’re not sure what career to pick. That’s why we’ll only review one application within the application process. So, try to ensure you’re certain about the career you’ve picked before applying. For example, you could attend one of our information afternoons or taster days at Swisscom. You could even undertake a traditional trial apprenticeship at a different company.

If you can’t decide between two similar roles (e.g. mediamatics technician and interactive media designer) or two specialist areas (e.g. IT expert), simply apply for one role and give your reasons for being interested in the other in your cover letter.

No. Every apprenticeship application we receive is processed centrally by Swisscom. We will always review the application for the site closest to where you live, and disregard any others.

If you have sent us all your application documents (CV, cover letter, etc.), you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail. It will also include the reference number of the vacancy and the name of your point of contact in case you have any questions.

Have you checked your spam folder? Could you have given us the wrong e-mail address? Just get in touch with us directly: next.generation@swisscom.com(opens in new tab).

Please be patient. If you’ve sent us a complete application, we will get in touch within 15 days, at most, to let you know whether we’re interested in taking your application further, and if so, what happens next.

Yes, you can apply for an apprenticeship with lower requirements. But remember that you need to be able to convince us of your motivation for your new apprenticeship – and simply applying as a last resort doesn’t count as motivation.

At interview, we want to make sure you’ve got the motivation and aptitude to join Swisscom, engage with our training model and take up your apprenticeship. As a result, it is not worth sending an additional application during the same recruitment cycle.

No. In the interests of sustainability, we (and the environment) appreciate your sending us your application online.

No. This type of application can also be submitted online via the job portal. However, make sure your cover letter states which Swisscom Shop you are interested in and why.

Error messages

There might be an issue with the document’s format or size. We prefer documents in PDF format. However, you can also upload documents in .jpg and .png format.

You’ll need to try it on a computer.

Mandatory documents are locked by the system so they can’t be changed once they’ve been uploaded. So, just upload a new document and use the tool to send us a message letting us know which document to take into account.

Our free hotline is available on weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.: 0800 55 9000.

Job posting

If the advert for the position mentions ‘Bern, Olten or Lucerne’, you will be based in one of these three cities. The nearest vocational college to where you live will determine which job location you’ll be allocated.

If you can’t find the apprenticeship ad on our job portal, we’ll have filled the role already.

Please only apply to apprenticeship positions in your region. We have to turn down applications for other regions as the commute will take too long.

Speculative application

Unfortunately, we are unable to process speculative applications. Please only apply to specific apprenticeship positions using our job portal.

Job interview

At Swisscom we are all on first name terms – from apprentice level to the CEO. And this starts from the application stage.

Try out the tool before your interview time to check it’s all working (audio, video). If there are any problems, get in touch with us before the interview using the contact info in the invitation e-mail.

In the interview, we want to find out if you’ve got the aptitude and skills you’ll need for your apprenticeship position. We also want to know whether you’ll feel at home at Swisscom and be happy within our unique training model, so you can unleash your full potential.

We’ll ask you various questions about you, your ideas, experience and particular situations.

In turn, you can also ask questions of your own and find out if Swisscom is a good fit for you. 

Data protection

We only use your data for the application process. All documents are deleted automatically after one year has passed.

Tips on your application

When applying for a position, there is a lot to bear in mind. If you are unsure and would like some tips and tricks from our experts, read our articles about how to apply properly.

Your application

Do you have questions about the application process? We will be happy to advise on the steps involved in the process and Swisscom’s philosophy about everything.

Next Generation

Have you just completed your school, college or university education and are planning your next step? Are you at home in the digital world, keen to learn and achieve great things with your colleagues? Start your career now with an apprenticeship, fast-track Way-up traineeship, practice-based bachelor’s degree programme, or a long-term internship as part of your secondary education (school-based VET programme, or SOG). Or become an (IT) trainee, perhaps also in our Step-in graduate internship programme. Next Generation – get your career off to a great start with Swisscom.

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Are you a secondary school-leaver or Matura holder?

Are you a student or graduate?

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