Mobile telephony and health

With the rollout of 5G, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the possible health risks associated with mobile telecommunication and mobile phone use. How harmful are mobile communications really? What precautions are Swisscom taking to protect people?

Swisscom takes concerns very seriously.

The safety of society and the environment is also central to the operation of the mobile network. Swisscom addresses concerns about possible risks through research, education and precautionary tips. Swisscom complies with the applicable federal requirements at all times.

Why 5G?

Facts or opinions?

Discussion on mobile communications and environment

Is Switzerland afraid of mobile tele­communication?

A quick glance at social media suggests that the majority of the Swiss population is wary of mobile communications. Is this true?

Here are some figures from the Federal Statistical Office on mobile phone usage

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Frequently asked questions

No, we can't do that. Just as it isn’t possible to prove that electrical household appliances are harmless, there is no way to conclusively and definitively prove a “non-effect”. As far as mobile communications are concerned, the established science and responsible bodies (such as the World Health Organisation or the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment) have given the all-clear regarding the immissions of mobile communications antennas.

Here at Swisscom, we trust expert organisations that are committed to science and impartiality. In our case they are:

  • the Federal Office of Environment (for masts),
  • the Federal Office of Public Health (for mobile phones),
  • the ETH Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (on both subjects)
  • and the World Health Organisation (also on both subjects).

Check out these sources online and you will agree that their opinions are well-founded.

It’s likely that mobile communications antennas are one of several sources of electromagnetic fields present in your home (and probably a weak one at that). Please have the cause of your ailment diagnosed without bias. The right specialist in this case is a doctor. If necessary, seek a second expert opinion.

This is not an accurate comparison. In the case of asbestos, it was scientifically proven that this material causes cancer and the biological mechanisms were also known. Appropriate action followed quickly thereafter. In the case of emissions from mobile masts and phones there is no such proof and thus no causal explanations of hazards.

No, there is neither proof nor indications of this. A few isolated studies have merely observed effects. However they would have to re-occur in similar follow-up studies to be deemed as indications. The mechanisms of this would then have to be explained and understood in depth for it to be proved. No study on mobile communication to date has been able to do this.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) doesn't say this. Mobile emissions are merely listed in Category 2B. This list includes agents for which limited indications have been found of a cancer-inducing effect in animal tests, but none in humans and vice-versa. Artificial sweeteners and more than 200 other common substances are listed here, none of which have become a major issue.