Dialogue model for base station sites

We developed the dialogue model as the basis for site evaluation so as to optimise planning of new base stations. This engages community authorities in the planning of new base stations at an early stage and gives them a say in the planning process. The dialogue model is supported by all mobile network operators, various cantons, towns and communities, the Swiss Conference of Directors of Building, Planning and Environmental Protection (BPUK) and associations.


  • We provide communities with annual status reports on long-term network planning (scouting areas for new sites, potential conversions/extensions of existing sites) and the earliest possible notification on planning conducted at short notice.

Site evaluation

  • When erecting new stations, at the request of communities we specify sites within a 200 m radius of the planned site, where a comparable level of radio coverage is afforded (scouting area for alternative sites).
  • The communities check, assess and specify possible alternative sites in the defined scouting area and justify their choice.
  • We check the alternative sites proposed by the communities in terms of technical and economical feasibility.

Site decision-making

  • Site decision-making is conducted by mutual consent of ourselves and the communities.
  • If several comparable sites are available, the communities are free to choose the optimum site from their point of view.
  • If communities specify their 'best site', we prefer it to the site originally planned and submit a suitably amended planning application.

Deadlines and co-use

  • We notify communities in writing about the planned site once detailed planning is finalised. From this date the communities have six weeks' time to specify an alternative site.
  • We pledge to use competitors' sites insofar as this is technically practical and economically feasible.

Additional information for authorities and communities

The Forum Mobil association information platform provides community and canton authorities with detailed information on network expansion, base station site evaluation and legal conditions.