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Our aim is to make the application process as easy as possible for you right from the start: For your application, we simply need your CV or your LinkedIn profile, for instance. If you are invited for an interview, you will have an opportunity to meet your future manager and/or team to give you an early insight into the working environment.

Application for apprentices

Interested in applying or questions about the application process? You’ve come to the right place.

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1 / 3 Start application

As individual as you are: Swisscom’s application process. This is where you decide which application path you wish to take. Depending on the role you are applying for, you have up to three options.

Direct application

Upload your CV or provide a link to your LinkedIn or other professional profile. That’s all we need from you for now.

Tech Challenge

Demonstrate your IT skills: take the Tech Challenge! Time required: 20-90 minutes.

Get to know us at an informal Coffee Talk.

Meet someone from your future team.

Stay informed

After submitting your application, you will be given access to your personal profile where you can track the status of your application(s). We will get back to you within 15 working days with feedback and information on the next steps.

2 / 3 Get to know us

If your application hits the mark, you will be invited for an initial interview. This may be in person, by phone or by video call. For all further interviews, we prefer to meet face to face so that we can get to know each other better.

Our aim is to keep you up to date on the current status of your application and to ensure that you feel looked after right up to signing the contract. Whatever the outcome, you will be given direct, clear and constructive feedback.

3 / 3 Welcome to Swisscom

You made it, welcome to Swisscom! In your first few weeks as you settle in, you will get to know your team and many new workmates.

During your personal onboarding journey, you will learn all about our strategy and be introduced to the challenges and opportunities facing our market. You will discover why sustainability is so important to us. From day 1, you can play an active role in shaping your personal development.

Your first weeks at Swisscom

Guided onboarding journey

Welcome day

Innovative learning modules

Interesting networking

Touchpoint experiences

Tips for your application

What should you include in your CV? Do you need a cover letter? How should you prepare for a job interview? Before completing your application, check out the tips from our HR crew.

Questions & Answers

Here you’ll find answers to the most important and frequently asked questions about application documentation, interviews, data protection and much more.

Careers for you

Find the career to suit you. A career where you can make a difference and continue your personal development.

Ready to start your career

Education & Study

Have you completed your school, college or university education? Start your career now – with an apprenticeship, practice-based degree programme or as an intern or trainee.

Discover the many opportunities for starting a career at Swisscom.

Ready for digitisation

Business & IT Consulting

In Business & IT consulting, it’s all about the digitisation of our business customers. You could eventually become a Product or Process Manager, IT Project Manager or Consultant.

Here, you will gain an insight into our main areas of focus. You will also find current vacancies in this area.

Ready for innovation

Engineering & Technology

In Engineering & Technology, it’s all about the latest technologies, current trends, and agile methods. And about you of course.

Here, you will gain an insight into the diversity of our IT projects. You will also find current vacancies in this area.

Ready for the customer experience

Sales & Services

In Sales & Services, it’s all about inspiring our customers with products and services. In other words, the experience you provide through your passion.

Here, you will gain an insight into our main areas of focus. And find our current vacancies.

Ready for business

Corporate Functions

In Corporate Functions, you are a partner to our business units, specialising in subjects such as Sustainability, Marketing and Communication, Strategy, Finance or HR.

Here, you will gain an insight into the diversity of a large corporation. You will also find current vacancies in this area.

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