Responsible action

We have very high ethical standards and have developed industry-leading processes and tools to achieve these.

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Rules & training

Our ethical standards are set down in binding principles and guidelines. By the end of 2024, all employees will complete web-based ethics training.

Ethical standards
Governance principles

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Data protection

Protecting the customer data entrusted to us is our highest priority. In addition, we support customers with leading security solutions.

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Controlling instruments

Through organisational measures, certified processes and advanced risk management, we ensure that we act with integrity and in compliance with the law at all times.

Corporate Responsibility Governance
Leadership, organisation, structure
Risk management
Certified processes

Fair supply chains

We attach importance to fair partnerships with suppliers who share our values. We work together to increase climate protection and improve working conditions.

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Mobile phone use and environment

Does 5G represent an increased risk to the environment? We take concerns seriously and make every effort to protect the society and environment.

What does Swisscom do?

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We provide information about our efforts through standardised reporting, independent ratings and the involvement of relevant stakeholders.

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Independent ratings


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