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Fibre-optic Internet .
Simply better.

  • Fibre-optic network winner
  • Subscription, network, devices: climate neutral
  • Highest security
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Internet & TV

  6 months blue Internet and TV for 49.90/mth

High-speed Internet and best TV

Our home Internet subscriptions

Blue makes your Internet at home faster, easier, more secure and more sustainable. You surf on Switzerland’s fibre-optic network winner and benefit from lots of free extras: router, surfing protection, service app, e-mail, cloud storage etc. See for yourself.

​ Online only: Free activation worth 99.90

Compare the speeds of our Internet subscriptions

50 Songs Download
250 MB
200 Fotos Upload
500 MB
HD Movie Download
6 GB
Software Update Download
10 GB
50 Songs Download 250 MB 200 Fotos Upload 500 MB HD Movie Download 6 GB Software Update Download 10 GB

blue Internet S

Basic subscription with 100 Mbit/s



blue Internet M

Fast subscription with 1 Gbit/s



blue Internet L

Highspeed subscription with 10 Gbit/s



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Frequently asked questions 

Swisscom offers three different Internet subscriptions for home use across Switzerland. They are all fully climate neutral and only differ in terms of speed. Each subscription includes lots of free extras.

blue Internet S blue Internet M blue Internet L
100 Mbit/s upload & download 1 Gbit/s upload & download 10 Gbit/s upload & download
Climate neutral Climate neutral Climate neutral
Free WiFi6 router Free WiFi6 router Free WiFi6 router
Internet Guard surf protection Internet Guard surf protection Internet Guard surf protection
10 GB myCloud storage 10 GB myCloud storage 10 GB myCloud storage
Bluewin E-mail Bluewin E-mail Bluewin E-mail
Swisscom Public WLAN Swisscom Public WLAN Swisscom Public WLAN
From CHF 64.90/mth From CHF 79.90/mth From CHF 89.90/mth

The Internet speed you need depends on your requirements and online activities. If you only surf the net occasionally and don’t download videos or play games online, a slower speed may be enough. If you spend a lot of time online, use advanced applications and live with several other people, you should choose a plan with the maximum Internet speed.

Swisscom’s Internet subscriptions are the most popular and widely used in Switzerland. They are climate neutral and use the best and largest fibre-optic network in Switzerland. This makes maximum speeds possible at most locations throughout Switzerland. All subscriptions offer numerous free extras, maximum security and excellent service.

To switch to Swisscom from another provider, select your blue Internet subscription online. When ordering, simply enter your details and follow the instructions. Swisscom will then manage the subscription change for you.

With an Internet subscription from Swisscom, you benefit from numerous free extras including a free climate-neutral WiFi6 router. Our test-winning My Swisscom service app couldn’t be easier to install and use. Internet Guard protects you while you surf, without the need to install additional software. You also get Bluewin e-mail and 10 GB of storage for photos and videos on myCloud.

Combine Internet and Mobile

Save for live with the Combi Discount

Kombi Rabatt
Kombi Rabatt
Kombi Rabatt

The benefits of blue Internet

With the largest fibre-optic network in Switzerland, we make the highest Internet speeds possible at most locations throughout Switzerland. This makes blue the best and most popular Internet subscription in Switzerland, with a penetration rate of around 50%.

With our award-winning My Swisscom service app, installing the Internet is child’s play. When you use it, the app also offers super-simple solutions for password management, guest WLAN or optimising your WLAN.

Swisscom has received multiple awards as the most sustainable telecoms company in the world. All our subscriptions, devices and network are climate neutral. We have been using 100% renewable energy since 2010 and follow ethical principles consistently across the company.

Hundreds of experts work on cybersecurity at Swisscom. With the free Internet Guard surfing protection, you enjoy the highest level of security on the Internet without the need to install any software. Our flexible blue Security options also let you extend this protection against viruses, hackers, etc. – adapted to your needs.

Swisscom Internet routers and repeaters

Increase your protection from viruses and hackers with our flexible security options.

With the Swisscom WLAN-Boxes, you can boost, optimise and expand your WLAN at the touch of a button.

Is your Internet too slow? Test your current Internet speed now.

With Swisscom, you benefit from a free and secure e-mail solution.

Ready for the connected world

Subscription, devices, network: climate neutral. Automatically and at no extra charge.

For years, we have been teaching young and old how to use digital media and devices.

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