The Swisscom network

It’s not news: Swisscom offers the best mobile network in the country. Alongside the largest high-speed fibre-optic network, it is essential for Switzerland. Fast, sustainable, secure and ready for the future. That’s what we work on day and night.

The best network

Coverage, availability, speed, reliability: our network sets the benchmark. The best network in Switzerland is also one of the best internationally.

The most sustainable network

As the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world, we’ve been pioneers in climate protection for many years. Our network has been operating with 100% renewable energy since 2010. With our climate action, we are doing our best for a sustainable future.

The innovative network

At around CHF 1.7 billion per year, we make a large part of all investments in the development of Switzerland’s digital infrastructure. We are continuously expanding our network in many Swiss communities.

Swisscom network facts

Top of Europe

The Swisscom network provides Switzerland with one of the best digital infrastructures in Europe.

CHF 1.7 billion

A large part of Switzerland’s investment in digital infrastructure comes from Swisscom.

50 Gbit/s

Swisscom has successfully increased the previous speed record for fibre in the live network fivefold.


Swisscom provides 99% coverage with 5G and 74% with even faster 5G+.


Emergency calls go through our special network for emergency services every day.

Up to 80% FTTH

We want to connect 70 – 80% of all households with up to 10 Gbit/s by 2030.

“We’re building today for the network of tomorrow.”

CEO Christoph Aeschlimann

Swisscom Network Milestones

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