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Swisscom wins connect fixed-network test

For another year running, consumer magazine connect has confirmed that Swisscom customers are on the best broadband network. Scoring 983 out of a possible 1000 points, Swisscom remains the leading provider in Switzerland and continues to improve year on year. With an exceptional, high-quality network, Swisscom customers are ready for the many opportunities of the digital world.

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Consumer magazine connect has published the results of its broadband network test for Switzerland. Swisscom came out on top in the connect fixed-network test with the commendation ‘outstanding’ and won the Nationwide Provider category. This recognition demonstrates that Swisscom’s focus on broadband expansion is paying off and that Swisscom offers its customers the best network experiences.

Test now based on fixed-network crowdsourcing

connect has changed its testing methodology since the previous year and introduced two new categories: National and Regional Providers. For the first time, it used a crowdsourcing-based rating only. The data was gathered from customer smartphones and tablets. To do this, connect installed a program in various apps. When customers download the apps and the terms and conditions of use, they give their consent for the program to gather background data. As a result, all the different subscriptions, technologies and WLAN-related restrictions were included in the evaluations for Swisscom. Against this background, it is even more pleasing that Swisscom’s fixed network was confirmed as the best network nationwide.

Fibre and 5G for Switzerland

Swisscom is expanding its network further to give as many customers as possible access to the fastest FTTH connections. By the end of 2025, Swisscom will increase fibre-optic coverage (FTTH) to around 55%. By 2030, it is aiming to achieve coverage of 70–80%. It is also pressing ahead with the mobile network expansion: with network coverage of 77% for 5G+ and speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s, Swisscom provides reliable, fast mobile coverage.

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