The Swisscom network where you are

Experience the Swisscom network through our interactive maps. Find out more about mobile phone coverage, fibre-optic expansion and electrical field strengths for every location in Switzerland.

Mobile coverage

You can check which mobile technologies are available at your location.

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PWLAN hotspots

Find one of our 5,000 PWLAN hotspots where you can surf for free.

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Fibre-optic expansion

Find out when fibre-optic technology is coming to your community.

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Antenna type

Check the locations of all mobile communications installations on the map of Switzerland.

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Map of electric field strength

Check how strong the electro­magnetic fields are at your location.

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Swisscom Low Power Network

Check the LoRaWAN coverage where you are.

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Overview of fixed network technologies

Overview of mobile communications technologies

Field strengths

Low Power Network (LPN) LoRaWAN