ESG framework & ethics

Swisscom is committed to sustainable and ethically responsible corporate governance. We have defined rules and principles for corporate responsibility governance which comply with ESG standards, by which we align and measure our actions. The implementation of our sustainability strategy is rated independently to ensure transparency.

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Swisscom's corporate responsibility (CR) is based on governance that aims to integrate ESG concerns into the company's decisions and activities. The new CR governance came into force in 2022.

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Ecological framework

Environmentally friendly conduct is a Group requirement and is set out in the environmental management system with corresponding instructions and guidelines.  

Swisscom does not normally use water for cooling its technical network and transmission facilities.  

Swisscom is transparent about its energy requirements, energy mix and carbon footprint. It employs a number of different mechanisms for sourcing renewable energies. 

The majority (95%) of electrical devices in Switzerland are recycled thanks to Swico Recycling, a voluntary cooperative take-back system. 

Our device reuse initiative is making an important contribution to the circular economy.  

Social framework

Swisscom regards the protection of human rights as an integral part of its corporate culture and complies with international standards.  

Swisscom was the first signatory of the Industry Initiative for Improved Youth Media Protection, which seeks to protect young people in their use of media.  

Based on the requirements defined by the Ethos Foundation, Swisscom has identified seven best practices that form the basis for high-quality digital responsibility.

Swisscom has put in place a system of data governance, which establishes and promotes a data culture through appropriate measures and processes. 

Swisscom aims to offer its customers the best data security and to implement leading data protection standards. We were the first telecommunications service provider in Switzerland to be awarded ISO 27001 security certification.

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents completely new challenges for ethics and sustainability, which Swisscom continues to address. 

Our products and services must satisfy sustainability standards and reflect Swisscom’s values. All our subscriptions include a climate contribution.

Governance framework

As our majority shareholder, the Swiss government expects us to pursue a corporate strategy founded on sustainable and ethical principles with a special focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Take responsibility, follow the rules, show integrity, report breaches: these four principles govern the conduct of all Swisscom employees.  

Swisscom rejects all forms of corruption and operates fairly, honestly and transparently. All employees are required to adhere to the anti-corruption directive and are offered training and e-learning sessions to support this. 

The Swisscom compliance management system ensures compliance with all applicable anti-money laundering laws and regulations. 

Swisscom facilitates the anonymous reporting by employees of breaches of the law or corporate policies. Confidentiality is assured through technical safeguards. All reports are processed by internal auditing in line with a defined process. 

The purpose of Swisscom’s Enterprise Risk Management is to protect its enterprise value. It takes account of both external and internal events and is based on established standard ISO 31000.

Swisscom has an effective all-encompassing corporate compliance management system (CMS), which ensures the company’s compliance with all pertinent laws. Swisscom has revised its CMS on the basis of ISO 37301. 

Swisscom implements certified management systems based on internationally accepted standards and is regularly audited by external auditing company SGS. 

The Swisscom safety system is an FCOS (Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety)-certified operating group solution. This system includes the most important elements of ISO 45001. 

Swisscom employees are required to take part in annual training. New subjects are offered each year.    

We attach importance to fair partnerships with suppliers who share our social and ecological goals and values. We work together to protect the environment and improve working conditions. 

Swisscom pursues a coherent, responsible fiscal policy and attaches importance to paying its fair share of taxes in every country in which it conducts business.  

ESG ratings

Independent ratings assess Swisscom’s corporate responsibility, standardised according to ESG criteria, and ensure that the environmental impact, social aspects and governance of our activity are transparent and comparable.           

16.1 (low risk) ESG risk rating 

Industry top-rated company 

Score of 81 out of 100  

AA leader in sustainability index  

Climate change rating A

ESG leader  

1st place with 91.2 out of 100 

Most sustainable ICT company in Europe 

Leader with 8.2 out of 10 

ESG awards

The world’s most sustainable ITC company 

Awarded on Schindler Supplier Day