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The Swisscom brand

Few other companies are more closely connected to Switzerland and the people who live here than Swisscom. We are committed to our customers and confident we can make the opportunities of the networked world relevant, accessible and easy for people to use. That is our responsibility as the market leader. That is our promise as the Swisscom brand.

Constantly moving

In an increasingly networked world, businesses need to keep developing constantly. The same is true of brands. Our logo visualises this constant dialogue with our environment through its continuous movement. It is a central component of our dynamic market presence and defines our unmistakable identity.

Swisscom logo in motion

Seize the opportunities that networking has to offer.

At Swisscom, we are enthusiastic about the countless opportunities provided by the networked world. Shaping these is our task. Because people are our main focus, we know that some of them share our excitement, while others have a more sceptical view of the future. We want to reach everyone with our message and open the door to a world of limitless possibility.


Do you know how great it feels to be ready? We would like to share that feeling with you. And support you in simply using the opportunities of the networked world. With the best network, flexible service, smart products, clever solutions and a huge commitment to greater sustainability. We are ready. For you. For the whole of Switzerland.

Connected to Switzerland

The Swisscom name incorporates Switzerland and all that is Swiss. It is part of our history and our identity. Since 1849, our logo has represented the close relationship between our company and Switzerland. 

Committed to Switzerland

Through bespoke partnerships, we enhance the customer experience with the Swisscom brand in an emotionally appealing environment, inspiring people with the many opportunities offered by the networked world. Our commitment includes the sponsorship of football, winter sports, esports, culture and business. In every region of Switzerland, we are therefore the springboard for everyone who eagerly awaits the future and who wants to make a difference.

One of Switzerland’s most successful brands

Swisscom is one of the best-known, most popular and most valuable brands in Switzerland. This is confirmed by regular independent rankings; Swisscom has been among the top ten for years, side by side with much larger multinational brands.

Brand Finance

Ranking 2

the strongest brands
in Switzerland

(Report Switzerland 50/2020)

Brand Finance

Ranking 9

5,084 million

Brand value in CHF 2020