Connected to Switzerland

Swisscom is one of the best-known, most trustworthy and most valuable brands in Switzerland. This has been confirmed by independent assessments, in which Swisscom has been ranked among the top ten brands alongside major international brands year after year.

Ready to simply use the opportunities of the networked world.

Top quality​ I Ground-breaking innovations ​I Connected to people and the environment​​​

Almost no other company is more closely linked to Switzerland and the people who live here than Swisscom. Because people are our main focus, we also know that while some share our enthusiasm for a connected world, others are more cautious about the future. Swisscom has a duty to everyone to make the possibilities of a connected world accessible, easy to use and relevant. That is our responsibility as the number one provider. And it’s also our promise as the Swisscom brand.

Do you know how great it feels to be ready?​

We would like to share that feeling with you. And support you in simply using the opportunities of the networked world. With the best network, flexible service, smart products, clever solutions and a huge commitment to greater sustainability. We are ready. For you. For the whole of Switzerland.

Committed to Switzerland

We provide unique experiences at the biggest music events and spotlight major international artistes as well as present-day and up-and-coming local acts.

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The Swisscom brand​

In an increasingly networked world, businesses need to keep developing constantly. The same is true of brands. The Swisscom logo represents this constant dialogue with the environment through its continuous movement. It is a central component of Swisscom’s dynamic brand presence and gives us our unmistakable identity.

Swisscom Logo