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What you do is who we are.

Design your working day

At Swisscom, we work smart. In other words, we work flexibly as a networked team, treating one another with trust and mutual respect. Our diverse workforce helps to shape this culture with our own individual styles and personalities. This includes taking personal responsibility for organising your own day-to-day work.

Why you are ready

You want to put things in motion.
Break new ground.

You want to see – and do – things differently.

You want to discover. And drive things forward.

You want to get involved. And play your part.

You want responsibility. To grow in your career.

Flexible working

Nevertheless, the working world of the future challenges us all. That's why we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the networked world with home office options. At the same time, for a strong corporate culture and also for the integration of new employees into the teams, we envisage employees working at least two days a week in the office.

The same applies for our working models: we offer the flexibility and security you need as an employee. Together, we will find a solution to suit you. Whether it’s part-time work in a job share, extra days’ leave or a temporary reduction in your workload to care for loved ones.

Diverse environment

Swisscom embraces diversity and boasts a gender-diverse workforce of 19,000 from different generations and around 90 nations. Our informal working environment is unique. We cultivate a culture where everyone is treated equally. We take the same approach to employee performance and development, focusing on the individual strengths of the employees – out of conviction.

Did you know? At least one per cent of our jobs are reserved for people with physical or mental impairments.

Get ahead with the latest technologies & methods

Many of Swisscom’s divisions have had an agile organisation since 2011. We work in interdisciplinary teams and adaptive structural and process organisations, which enables us to adapt quickly to the market situation and current customer needs. That makes us one of the early adopters of pioneering technologies and methods.

Innovation is the key to success

At Swisscom, we focus on seven fields of innovation: Network and Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security, Entertainment, Lean Swisscom and Digital Business. Open Innovation and interaction with our stakeholders are integral to our innovative approach.

Develop your potential

Our topics, projects and areas of focus are as diverse as our employees. This broad spectrum opens up countless possibilities for you. For your work and also for planning your next career step. The same applies to your training and further development: you are free to design your learning path yourself or in cooperation with your team. Swisscom offers you the opportunities. Be in the driver's seat.

Shape your career

With our internal, temporary assignments, you have the freedom to gain experience in other teams and areas. Projects for which you can apply are advertised on our Marketplace. You can also use Kickbox to launch ideas for new Swisscom products and services at any time. You will be CEO of your idea and will be provided with a starting budget, coaching and 20% working hours.


This gives you an insight into new topics and additional opportunities for on-the-job training.

Personal development

As a Swisscom employee, you are entitled to at least five working days per year for your personal and professional development. In fact, this is enshrined in the collective employment agreement (CEA). We provide a comprehensive range of training and learning opportunities through One Swisscom Academy and external partners. We also focus on collaborative learning. In formats such as the DevOps Mastery Fridays, our employees benefit from each other’s extensive expertise, helping one another progress. Did you know? We won the gold medal in two categories at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Talent development

What do we do with all that potential, expertise and ambition? We pool it and develop it in special talent courses. In this case, too, you are expected to take the initiative: you can nominate yourself as a talented and motivated employee.

After passing the selection process, your supported journey begins. For twelve months, you will undergo intensive personal and career development training. Regular alumni events are also held after completion of the talent development course.

Make a difference

At Swisscom, you will work at one of Switzerland’s most sustainable companies. The principle of fairness always applies in everything we do and every decision we make. This also means that we take responsibility for a sustainable future; as an employer and as a company. As do Swisscom employees; e.g. by taking part in our Give&Grow programme, which every year dedicates several hundred days of volunteering to people & the environment.

Your benefits

At Swisscom, you will find a modern working environment with a number of attractive benefits for you as an employee.

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You will find your Swisscom location on the interactive map. If your role permits, you can also choose your preferred working environment.

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What you do is who we are.

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